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Ban appeal

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Hi, I have been banned for malicious activity and resource disclosure. I will briefly explain what happened, I was working on an MTA server, in which I was the developer and the public gamemode called "Down-Town RP" was being used. What I did to that gamemode was to modify things and add others created by me, after approximately 2 years, the owner of that server in which I worked decided to remove me from the server and keep my work done, for which I decide to publish in an instagram account the direct link to the gamemode of that server modified by me. That gamemode has a public repository on github (https://github.com/javier-es/DownTown-RP). When I found out that the owner of the server who had kicked me out did not want to remove my work, I spoke with the "Ciber" staff to which he responded and made him eliminate 2 to 5 resources which he had verified that they were created by me Since he even had twitch clips doing them, the owner after eliminating those scripts continued to use the gamemode with modifications and my creations still, to which I decided to release it at that time. This staff banned me because of that, and the only thing I did was release a work of mine and which was already published on the internet. If you need to know more or see the link of the gamemode that I released, I will pass it without problem, but I do not want to make it public here just in case and so as not to generate more problems.

In addition to this, I will add that after 2 or 3 months I managed to talk with the owner of that server and we "fixed" the differences that we had, but I emphasize that the release of resources that I did was already published on the internet. And I also want to add that I spoke several times to the "Ciber" staff who banned me via discord and did not respond to anything I asked or said on the subject...

Greetings and I look forward to a prompt response to this issue.

Image of ban reason: https://imgur.com/a/LzVrpE2

My serial is: A6413EBF6C08F368C3C8570609B883F4

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