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TuServer.AR - Dedicated MTA:SA Server Hosting!

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MTASA.HOST is a hosting company that focuses on MTA:SA server hosting. We run each game server on an isolated docker container with minimum privileges offering maximum security when it comes to script and data protection. The docker images that we run were tailor made for running MTA servers with little to no overhead, making it one of the most compact and resource efficient ways to run a MTA Server.
We started about 5 years ago initially under another name(Global Gaming Hosting), when we offered more game services other than MTA, but we realized that MTA needed a more dedicated hosting company like there already is for some other major games, like Minecraft, so we changed our business model to accommodate most of our efforts on hosting MTA Dedicated Servers.
Our business model is resource usage based and not slot based, meaning we charge for resource usage rather than predefined slot amount. The amount of slots that you want to actually have, depends on you, as long as you are in within the resources you hired for the services you'll be all set.

Some key features that we have:

  • Resource based usage(not slot locked)
  • Upgrade your plan anytime
  • Game DDoS Mitigation
  • Geo-routed frontend panel with fallbacks in case a region goes offline with a very good UI
  • Fast support via discord
  • SFTP
  • MySQL Databases included with every plan
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Data vault for backups
  • Automatic MySQL backups
  • No overselling(we keep our dedicated machines with a low load average to ensure max performance at all times)
  • Instant activation after payment for all our payment methods
  • Locations: North America, Europe, Latin America

You can find a more detailed overview of our plans at our Website and custom plans may be made via a support request. Bellow some pictures of our panel:











Visit our website at Link

Disclaimer: TUSERVER.AR  is a privately owned company and is in no way affiliated with MTA:SA in any way, nor it is affiliated with GTA: San Andreas or its stakeholders. All rights are reserved to their respective owners.

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