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[News & Blog] MTA:SA - Deathmatch Movie #1 (by IJs)


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awesome :D:D:D:D:D !!!! the only thing i wanna see is on radar show the person in a diff color each? and be able to turn ur self off and on the radar? and get kinfes! i cant live with out going behind a guy to stealth kill em :P

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Well, i saw a problem there, that i have thought of before, but i forgot it.

What are you going to do about running people over and over and over without them managing to do anything, the runned over are unable to do anthing, just being killed? I can already imaging that happening all the time, and it is going to be a really major problem... Again, what are you going to do?

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Just make sure you don't fight in the middle of the road! (You'd be surprised how many people do) There are literally hundreds of places away from the road in SA suitable for warfare in comparison to GTA3 where car killing was viewed as a problem by some. :)

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ok, but i'm still unsure... it'll probably work out somehow though



I just saw something else... how come the guy with the fire extinguisher can't knock the other guy down, or spray him down?

And if it worked, won't sprays and such be another major problem? If someone gets close up to you, and start to spray you down, you can't get way... or even worse, if someone with a car and someone with a spray-weapon teams...

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I can't watch the videos of MTA SA DM! :S:?:shock::?::cry::crackup::big4:

I dont understand first he is laoding and when he is finished he only plays the music and gives me a warnign that ther is someting wrong.

I have windows media player 10 with the lastest updates i dont understand......

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