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Hello. from Dgtadude

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Hello everyone, as most of you don't remmember me, I hope at least some do :) -- Yes, I'm a veteran, probably the oldest that they'll come as, hehe.

Anyways, just dropping by, seeing as I still have my account in this forum (and belive it or no, could remmember my password on the first try). Long time since I haven't said a word to lots of friends I said here. (about 1.5 years)

So take this as a hello (and notice that I'm not dead :D ), unfortunatly I "grew out of" GTA, but keep an eye on the MTA updates every once in a while, I might not play it, but support it up to the day. As I have always and always will.

Great job GTA3AM/Multi Theft Auto Team! :wink:

//edit: Please do take my appologies If I have posted this thread in the wrong forum, I've just noticed the "non-mta" related forum would fit it's category better.

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