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Hey. this is a thing i always wanted to do, make my own non-replacing rotating doors like the ones in SA's interiors, so today i promised myself how to do this. its pretty easy thing to do.


Okay. I get you've modelled your door as you want, Now the first thing to do is place The axis in the correct coords


Select your models, go to the hierarchy tab:

user posted image


With your models selected, click on Affect Pivot only and place your axis At the bottom, at the corner where the hinges would be, like in this picture. i suggest you placing it a bit under the bottom, so there is no problem for the door to slide, because it wont hit the floor.


user posted image


When you finished placing the axis, move to the door to 0,0,0 (not the axis, remember) and the grid should be showing for you the same as for me in the above picture. Remember to reset xform for scale and also to keep rotation on 0,0,0. You're finished, export your DFF (no matter if it has normals, vertex colours...)


Okay, now we go for the col, one of the interesting parts of this.


Make a box of the same size as the door, in the same place. now create some spheres in these places. think that the spheres will be what player will hit so he pulls the door, so its ok to have them bigger than the door:


user posted image


remember to keep the boxes as boxes, and the spheres as spheres. Don't convert them to editable polies/meshes or you will have to do some fixes in COL editor.


Now select the box and the spheres, open Kam's COL IO and export your COL. You could select a shadowmesh too, but don't add polies (as boxes and spheres are the only 'dynamic' collisions (as far as i know)


you're finished with COL now. The only remaining thing is a entry in your object.dat


Open your object.dat, now search for 'interior door' you should see some entries, that starts with Gen_doorEXT10


Copy one of those, rename it to have the same name of your DFF.





JVMETALDOOR,  5.0,  5.0  0.98,  0.1,  50.0,  0.0,  	1.0,	0,	6,	1,  0,	0,	0.0, 0.0, 0.0,  none



And finished. your door should be working ingame. You don't need any special flag in the IDE/IPL for it.

I found this article with a little research, maybe it will be of use to you.

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@CastiaL - sadly this is not possible in MTA as the post mentions object.dat which we have no MTA functions for.

@Selective - replace an existing door object with your custom door, or simply use a texture replacement shader to change the texture of an existing door on a scripting level, so that you can create multiple texture variants for each door.

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