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How To Make Animation


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There's a guide here that covers roughly that and a bit more: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/121750-custom-environment-rigs-and-animations/

As far as I remember, the must-know is to always have 1 key in the first frame and the last frame of the animation on each bone, even if they're not animated. This might be incorrect but it's how I remember it working.

Are you familiar with animating? What are examples of animations that you'd like to create?

When animating it may help to enable IK so that rather than rotating bones, you can now move bones with the Move tool and other bones will then move along. This can be useful when moving end points e.g feet or hands. 

There are guides on YouTube that will help and really any video that covers skeleton animation will do - this includes biped and CAT rigs as they function much the same.

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