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Here my idea You could store informations, the login and the hashed passeword in a client side file. See File functions in the wiki. And you could use JSON as a file format : see toJSON / fromJSON functions. 

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On 10/06/2021 at 21:27, Kelly003 said:

Hi, how to do something like this when the checkbox is selected in the login panel, it saves the data (login and password)

There's a guide for this -

See How to add "remember me" functionality. You shouldn't store password on client-side, even encoded.

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20 hours ago, Mkl said:

Apparently what I said is a big mistake, please do not consider my previous message

As long as you work with hashed passwords and not just encryption (decryption serverside), it should be fine. Working with real passwords (even when encrypted) is the reason why it shouldn't be done. When the 'remember me' is checked, the password field should be disabled and not be filled in. (or even the form shouldn't be showed)

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