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Dear Community,

Today I would like to introduce you to the gameserver sponsor Servertux.

Servertux was already in 2016 until about 2017, an active gameserver sponsor.

At that time, caused by a lack of concept, the server costs rise and we needed more and more power, for more and more gameservers that were not actively used.

Unfortunately, this led us to close down the whole project at that time.

We invested a lot of time and effort in a completely new concept and now we want to bring Servertux to life in the long run.



We use a virtual currency called "Tux Token", which allows you to order and renew gameservers.



By logging on to the website every day, you will already receive 20 tokens.

From Time to Time a code is posted in various online forums or on our discord, which releases additional tokens.

The main component, however, is the activity system, which gives you a daily token payout through player or slot utilization.




Gameservers always run for 30 days by default and then have to be extended.

If you are 50% of your runtime and on average half of the slots are occupied, you will receive so many tokens through the daily payout that you can extend your gameserver.




Our goal is to allocate free resources that we do not need to you, the community. We do not rent servers for the project, but use already existing resources.

We use a container virtualization for running the gameservers, with a completely self-developed software, which offers us a lot of freedom and modernity.

Just try it out, we would be happy about every single feedback.

So we have already introduced you to the new concept and now, with a few pictures, we want to give you an even better impression...



Slots, CPU cores, RAM but also the version can be configured individually here.






The heart of Servertux. The Gameserver!

Since we are gamers ourselves, we have tried to present all the necessary functions and details that you need as a gameserver.... compactly






Our available gameservers:


30 Minecraft (verschiedene Versionen), Forge, Bedrock, Bungeecord

30 Multi Theft Auto

30 RageMP

30 Rust

30 Garry's Mod

30 Counter Strike Global Offensive

30 7 Days to Die

More gameservers will follow




For feedback, questions about your future game server, we recommend using our support system.




the Servertux.net Team


Informative Links

Our website: servertux.net

Discord: Servertux Discord

Twitter: https://twitter.com/servertuxN


PS: With the code TUXFUERALLE you will get 300 tokens to order game servers. We wish you a lot of fun with it.

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Through continuous development of our system we have now reached the next milestone, so we proudly present our GSM Update v.3.0.0.


This includes the following changes.

  • Design update → better use of space
  • Language System added (German, English, Turkish, Italian)
  • Automatic gameserver renewal
  • Colored Live Console
  • New installation of gameservers
  • Gameserver upgrade possible (cores, RAM, slots, as well as gameserver version [for Minecraft])
  • Numerous stability/improvements were made in the backend system
  • FAQ completely revised


New gameservers were added to Servertux Cloud:

  1. CS:GO
  2. FiveM
  3. Rage:MP
  4. Minecraft Forge
  5. Minecraft Bedrock


We hope you like our latest version and to celebrate the day we have also prepared a promo code: STV3RELEASE.

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