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Worst problem EVER

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I;ve been waiting ages to get a windows for my internet connection to play MTA, but i've been using a mac for years. I finally get one the other week and i've been playing for a while. I was playing the other day and it froze and when i turned my computer back on it said it couldn't find the login.exe file for my actual computer so I couldnt get to my desktop. Now, I have to get my computer fixed and when it comes back I want to play Multi Theft Auto again, but it's that my dad thinx that MTA might have been the problem. Please, if someone could explain and give me a good reason why it might have happened and if anyone else had this problem. I'm pretty sure i had Firewall on, and I think my MSN might have still been connected. Thats all I can think of right now, so please, prove my dad wrong! If the problem is found in MTA, then please fix it when deathmatch comes out. My computer is a pentium 4 and has a 256 graphics card. It was recently formatted.

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It is unlikely that running MTA will ever result in loss of data. At the very worst case, you could experience a crash, or a lock up, but loss of data, is sometimes ( but not often ) a secondary result of a computer locking up.

MTA is beta software, so we can not officially guarantee that it wont cause harm to your computer. That said, I have no fears running it on my only computer, which I use for class work ;)

There could be a number of things that caused this, i'd be surprised if it was MTA.

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lol i just got it formatted. Its fixed but im not sure whether he formatted it or not, I hope not cos i got some cool screenies on there. I want to find out what the problem is, cos im yet to pick my computer up from him

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