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One of the oldest test servers on MTASA, from back in the day, is still here.

Currently running on the best connection yet, but soon i'll try starlink.

Its all KWKSND's maps and resources connected by a highway that circles SanAndreas.

You'll see Zombies, Peds, Hookers, Traffic, UFOs, Stunts, Races and much more.

You can buy Drones, Toys, Homes ETC. Visit Odies Stunt Park and Liberty Island.

Visit the Theme Park and Ride a Ferris Wheel or Pirate Ship. Go on a Cruise.

Operate the Crane, Train and Titan Ship. Get Abducted, Escape, get Revenge.

Want a job? Crush Cars, Deliver Pizza and Stolen Vehicles or Blast n Move rock.

Be a Wanted Criminal or Join the SAPD and Clean Up The Crime Wave.

Win Lottos, Demo Buildings, Hold a Drug Lab or Raid a Nightclub for Big Money.

Login For Stats Tracking, Visit Shooting Range, Gain Skills, Camp for Stamina.

See 2 YouTube Theaters, Miniplayer, 3D Radio, add Your URL everyone hears it.

There has been tons of bug fixes in the last year to the point its pretty much error free now.


The IP can change from time to time unfortunately, so i kept my classic old web page alive.


From there you can always get the correct IP and click to join.


Drop in and say hi :)


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