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MTA gives BSOD as soon as it tries launching gta

John Smith


Hello, when I launch MTA it gives BSOD (UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP) right after when mta rectangle disappears (at the moment where it would open gta window)

Additional information: Only happens in MTA. Other games like GTA 5, Rocket League, Minecraft, even GTA:SA singleplayer work fine. I have been similarly having these bsod issues recently for a last few days after playing for few hours of GTA 5, and then I'd get the same thing where sound goes like bzzzzzzzzz and u get bsod. I am pretty confident it's connected with gpu driver.

I tried updating gpu to latest version, and for GTA 5 it is gone (i think). But i haven't tried MTA on that older gpu version, however with the current one it crashes right on start like i described in beginning of the message. The only thing which i installed recently was Razer Synapse, but I don't think that's related. (I have AMD GPU drivers if that means something)

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  • MTA Team

Please follow these instructions:

* Open Windows System control panel: Control Panel\System and Security\System
* Click on "Advanced system settings"
* In the memory dump dropdown select: Small memory dump (256KB)
* Click OK

* Start MTA
* After BSOD find the latest file in C:\Windows\Minidump
* and upload to https://upload.mtasa.com/
* and give link here

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  • MTA Team

Sorry for the delay in replying.

The dmp file indicates that it is a hardware problem - Either RAM or motherboard.

If you have more than one RAM module in your PC, you can try to isolate which one is at fault by removing it and then re-testing MTA


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No problem.

I have 2 sticks of RAM, and on either one of them it would give a BSOD. I must say that it is confusing to me how this can be a hardware issue as I don't get any BSOD anywhere else apart from MTA? What should/can I do right now? I know you said it's a hardware issue but could resetting/formatting windows help?

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Thank you for helping out. 

I have accidentally remembered that once in past (few months ago i guess or more) when i had Emsisoft Anti Malware installed, that it gave me BSOD when I'd launch MTA. At the moment of writing this topic, I had recently had installed Emsisoft again to do a scan, but forgot to uninstall it and it didn't appear in icon tray so i thought it wasn't running.

After I uninstalled Emsisoft and rebooted my PC, MTA works normally again. Maybe some of Emsisoft's drivers collide with MTA. Anyway, I don't know if this is a big enough issue for MTA, but if there are other players running Emsisoft and MTA, they might run into same issue like I do. So according to this, only Emsisoft can fix this I believe, but whether you guys (MTA Team) want to tell Emsisoft that their software collides with yours, that is up to you guys.

Anyway, thank you for spending time to help me out. I am lucky that it's not actually a hardware issue haha

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