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MTA:SA's Quality Assurance action (by IJs)


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Remember our Quality Assurance Team? Our QA Team consists of specially selected people that test the latest major and minor beta's/alpha's of all of MTA's currently developed products such as MTA:SA, dedicated servers, etc.

Now we're looking for volunteers for our MTA Quality Assurance team!

We expect a lot of people to be interested in such a job, therefore we′ve set up a special event to select potential candidates for the Quality Assurance Agent position.

We have set up a special Internet radio station (powered by Nullsoft′s Shoutcast) broadcasting music all day. You can hook up with your favourite player any time of the day!

Be careful though: during the next 12 hours we will be broadcasting two code-words (about 5 seconds long each, recorded by IJs) in between the songs. It′s up to you to find these words and note them.

The Internet Radio broadcast information


WinAmp users:

If you′re one of the lucky (or hardcore) listeners, congratulations! Head over to #mta-special on irc.multitheftauto.com send your two code-words to SpecialBot. Once you′re in the lucky list, we may pick you as our new QA team member!

Happy listening! And be sure to keep them words to yourself ;)

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Update: April fools!

Thanks goes out to all the people that tuned in and listened to the infamous Banana Phone song ("ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, bananaphone") over and over again for a remarkable average of 1 hour and 50 minutes!

To the few people that wasted a lot of megabytes by actually recording the stream for later on.. the words were "fax machine" ;)

Opened up for comments :P

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Entirely inappropriate... and obviously MTA is "ill fated" only due to your obsession with deathmatch.

For your information they have been working hard on the mod, qa team did most of the brainstorming. This was actually mine and brophys idea and everyone seemed to like it. The only one who took some time for this (easily prepared) joke was IJs.

No more whining and complaining (and shame on you ppl)

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Chill, im kinda having fun too.You guys work so hard, i love your mod, and your mta vice was and still is amazing.I play it all the time :)I just cant wait to get my hands on deathmatch, like many others.Oh, i see rumble 0.2 is out this month, and its all synched :)

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Chill, im kinda having fun too.You guys work so hard, i love your mod, and your mta vice was and still is amazing.I play it all the time :)I just cant wait to get my hands on deathmatch, like many others.

Keep an eye on the blog ;)

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Instead of wasting time on this silly april fools joke, you might of best been spending that time on improved your ill-fated and buggy mod, rather than playing practical jokes.

If you think this is buggy, wait till you see some of the other online mods. You can't expect the same quality from a third-party multiplayer mod that you get from games backed by huge corporations. Although imho MTA has the potential to come very close to that level.

I also wonder why you think it's ill-fated, since thousands of people already play it and it can only get better with the release of deathmatch.

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In my own opinion, and this is ONLY mine, i think the race mod WILL become ill-fated, once the deathmatch version comes out, that stands to reason.Most people play the deathmatch side of MTA(gta3 and vice).The race mod is amazing but i just have more faith in the deathmatch mod they got lined up.I will take my hat off to the MTA team because they have given me, and us all something very special.I for one would be prepared to pay for the multiplayer mod as i think its well worth it.I am just eager to get my hands on the deathmatch side of it, and i know it was only a small joke they played but i would of rather of them spent their time on the mod rather than a silly prank.But hey, even genius's need a day off.I didnt mean any offence to anybody, least of all the MTA team and all the nice people involved in this amazing piece of programming.Keep up the good work and im glad you take members serious but not too serious, or this thing would be no fun.

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Well yeah of course, I think virtually everyone is more excited about deathmatch than race. I thought you were talking about MTA in general.

The April Fools thing is a tradition here, they do it every year. And as mentioned above, it really didn't take any time away from development. :wink:

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