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OSWS - The new MTA community water shader project

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KNOWN ISSUES (01.08.2020):

- Reflections are flawed, we get flickering and non-correct reflections in some situations (i have commented the shader very well, and some potential fixes are there, but i am no smart enough)
- Reflection edges are not stretched yet, we can see artifacts at the screen borders because of that. I dont know (yet) how to fix that aswell
- Refraction of stuff below the water surface seems to be impossible to add, but i am pretty sure that some genius can find a way
- Shore foam currently depends on camera view angle because i am not smart enough to calculate the vertical water depth at any given surface position

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@Ren712 found a fix for the shore foam depending on view angle. But that fix introduces a new bug, because it does no longer account for water waves and the shore foam doesnt change its shape when waves are shaking the water up / down. The shader literally thinks that the water is completely planar, but it isnt.
We are currently working to fix this, if possible.

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