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Change model for ONE player

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Is it possible to change the model for one person so that this person has a different model visible to others? In the sense that I change the model of the M4 weapon and how I hold it, it is visible to others that I have this model, but when they pull out their M4, they do not have this model. It is possible?

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I'm not sure how strong the capabilities in MTA are when it comes to weapon and object component customization, so to hide/show components of a model. What I'd do is do a tuning system for weapons just like cars, where I'd hide/show components depending on which weapon I wanted the player to equip.

Something else you could do, which I know works, is applying a zero opacity shader onto a weapon texture, causing it to disappear. You can make use of this shader by having a weapon model with multiple weapon meshes inside - as one mesh combined, but multiple different textures. 

One last method I'd use is setting weapon invisible and attaching a world object to it. The world object can be set to only be replaced if placed within a colshape, but that would require you to animate the colshape with the player hands. I'm not sure how beneficial that would be. Another way of using world objects is simply permanently replacing unused objects like the 50 casino chips which are duplicates. What this does different is that you are permanently replacing an object, whereas using colshapes you're only replacing an object inside of a colshape.

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