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oh the MMO

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do you want to try the new MMO-MTA:SA?  

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i dont know what a regular servers max players are, but i would think that an MMOversion of the MTA supporting 100-200 players (for starters).

an mod starting point could be players select one out of 5+ gangs members , vs eachother and automated cops . would be cool to have shops and snackbars and even clothing like in the gtaSA game.

infact from where i sit imagination is your friend

there could be missions for taking out the rival gangs (and tagging\defending gang logos)

some density of NPC like people driving around talking and ofcourse cops

or just plain deathmatch style MMo with e 2000 players in at once lol

oh yeah and finally get an real replacement for the vehicle (player?)syncing! in singleplayer eevrything runs smooth !!!!!!

if u want to post ideas or flame just goahead :D

you have the force dont you?

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i agreed that 32 players is alot, at the current racemod most higways supports 4 lanes and 32 cars at one spot at the start is just crowded...... actually the 8-12 players race are much better to really compete in since the start isnt so messy than a full 32 player race. however a 32 player mmo\mp type of script would be incredibly low population.

i thought some small idiot thing like the codes of an client needs to be simplified to use less information when logging on and playing on servers

anyway the ultimate MMO hasnt really hit the shelves yet - WOW for instance is sucks. if for example a decent mta multiplayer(or MMO ) that supports fairly high player counts thers no question wether id choose a free cool game over an boring costly dingy like WoW..

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I think, when the gamemode grows big, servers will get populated fast.

but MTA has increased their limit from 24 to 32 with a lot of effort. so Imagine how hard it would be to get it to 64 or more

Agreed also.

64 or more players on just one server alone would perhaps be fun one way and disappointing another way. Lag would obviously come into issue, some players may not like the over populated servers etc.

However the gameplay experience, with all the other players roaming around with guns and everything else, would be exciting to play with.

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However the gameplay experience, with all the other players roaming around with guns and everything else, would be exciting to play with.


the deathmatch mod that is announced is a large step into the good old MTA style in comparsion to the race mod

also an important thing might be that making for eksample GTA:SA race mod is very great work (yet details like the oh loved car sync problems)the map editor is usable by an 5 year old:) and race mod is very exiting big plus and if u keep it up only good things can happen

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There arent that many servers that are filled up, maybe 3 or something.. So I dont really know about that one..
That's becouse of the race... people don't prefer to race with 32 players...

Things change when DM comes out. fragging with 32 player is much more fun than racing with 32 players...

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We've worked out some ideas for doing an MMO mod for MTA, but there are some fundamental issues that we need to address.


GTA can only display something like 40? player models or it will crash. We can address this by only loading player models within a certain radius.. but there is still the issue of more than that number of players trying to meet in one spot. If this happens there isn't much we can do to prevent crashing..

Also this is a hard limit, its not something we can easily avoid, or patch out..

Other than the internal limits theres nothing really stopping one from making it MMO.


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yeah. that's a neat problem...

ofcourse you can force players using the same player model, but that kinda kills the whole role playing of it. where you play with your "own" CJ you have it like you want it.. and that's just one of the coolest aspects of MMO games, show off your character...

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