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=SS= Recruitment Sharp Shooters

Guest Sp1ke

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I will not lie, =SS= is just starting, But i have been playing the games the clan is about. Sharp Shooters is a clan that plays on CS,CSS,CS 1.6,halo,and halo 2. We hope to get members who can play most of these and also if we get enough that play MTA, MTA will become one of the main divisions. I myself am a great sniper. We play on GTA III, GTA:Vice City, GTA: San Andreas

There are Certain requirements, the yare the following-

-Must be able to handle a gun :roll:

-Must be able to stay active

-Must Be able to drive any car(or motorcycle) and smoothly

We are also taking donations. The site is under contruction at the moment but we did get the forums up, visit us at http://www.phpbbcity.com/forum/index.ph ... rpshooters

My email is [email protected], talk to me if you wish to join

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