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Step 1: RTFM

but if you don't want to do that, you can always use this little step by step list:

1. Start fraps

2. If the fraps window does not open automatically, right-click the fraps icon to the bottom right of your screen, next to the clock.

Choose settings.

3. Click on the Movies tab

4. Click the "Video Capture Hotkey" field (this will select everything in the field)

5. Press the key you want to use for starting/stopping recording in-game

6. Start the game, press the key you chose. And off you go! (The fps monitor color changes when you start recording)

Note: Demo version only lets you record about 30 seconds of video at a time.

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Right this happened to me, ill do it in steps

Get RegMon, google it

1. Open Regmon

2. Open Fraps off the start menu

3. Lots of things will start appearing

4. Press Ctrl+E to stop it adding stuff

5. Search on the list for fraps and then find the licenses bit

6. It may have 1-3 different licenses (2 for me)

7. Open start menu and click on Run

8. Type in regedit and press enter

9. On the left side open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHNINE

10. Then open SOFTWARE


12. You will see theres about 12 different licenses

13. Search for the licenses that you saw on Regmon and delete them off regedit (MAKE SURE ITS THE RIGHT ONES!)

14. Now open fraps with both programs open and then once fraps is open shut regedit and regmon down.


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