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Odyssey Freeroam [BETA]: [Advanced Freeroam Server]

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Odyssey Freeroam


We're a advanced freeroam server with loads of features that most of the competition doesn't have.
Our goal is to satisfy every player playing on our freeroam with a lot of customisable settings and never before seen features.
Some of our features are:
- A custom hydra lock-on (dogfight) system
- Base capturing (something like turfs, but way more action-packed)
- A crew system (crew owners/leaders can invite you to their crew, players can join 2 crews per account. Every crew has their own Hydra skin and base if they captured one in base capture)
- Custom vehicles and vehicle upgrades
- Custom reflection/water/detail/particle/effect shaders
- A customisable settings menu (some of the settings are setting the quality of dx elements being drawn on the screen, object draw distance, vehicle draw distance and player draw distance)
- A player blacklist menu (blacklisted players can't send you whispers/pms if you've blacklisted them)
- A custom group chat (party) system
- A custom vehicle/weapon damage system
- Custom weapon switch system (similar to GTA V's weapon wheel)
- Custom radio stations

We're looking forward to see you on our server :).
- Odyssey Staff team.

IP: mtasa://
Discord: https://discord.gg/3dna9jS

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freeroam gamemode is perfect .
but we want new ideas in servers .

if you want success , you want add new missions , new jobs .
and you must be there in your server 12/24 .
in addition you want a create events in server , like : the fastest writer , car race , run event , etc. 

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