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Help with a script


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is there any good anti zombie zone script? I really do need something strong.

btw I am using this and I need help in this zone only a player with skin 29 survives but how can I add more skins to be able to survive here

safecol = createColCuboid ( 2442.2404785156, -1721.3907470703, 13.775855064392, 150, 150, 150 )
safeZoneRadar = createRadarArea ( 2442.2404785156, -1721.3907470703, 150, 150, 56, 4, 109 )
setElementData (safeZoneRadar, "zombieProof", true) 

function enterZone(hitPlayer,thePlayer)
local skin = getElementModel (hitPlayer)
      if ( skin == 29) then

    outputChatBox("You are entering a safe zone.", hitPlayer, 0, 255, 0)
         killPed (hitPlayer)
addEventHandler( "onColShapeHit", safecol, enterZone )

function leaveZone(hitPlayer,thePlayer)
local skin = getElementModel (hitPlayer)
    outputChatBox("You are leaving a safe zone!", hitPlayer, 255, 0, 0)
 if not ( skin == 29)  then
  killPed (hitPlayer)
addEventHandler( "onColShapeLeave", safecol, leaveZone )

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Dear Mike269,

please format your code using the "<>" button so that it is not difficult to read.

If the list of skins is known beforehand, then you can create a table with all the skins (29, etc) and use getElementModel to check each player or ped that entered against entries in said table.

local safe_ped_skins = {
  [29] = true
  -- add more entries here


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