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Opened Ports showed not opened



So i started creating an mta server.I edited the config files,then I started to open the ports.I have all three ports opened,but when I type in the cmd openports it shows that all ports are closed.I checked everything,my firewall is off and i have static ip.Any solutions?

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7 hours ago, BotexHun said:

I have all three ports opened, but when I type in the cmd openports it shows that all ports are closed.

That means your ports aren't really opened, or something is still making them unreachable (e.g a firewall). You said that you tried everything including taking a look at that, but the fact it's not working inevitably means you made a mistake somewhere in the process of forwarding your ports/whitelisting.

To increase your chances of successfully forwarding your ports, please read this topic: 


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