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I've been working on achieving what the title says: make my server visible in the Server Browser.

I've followed the pertinent instructions in here, here, and several other sources.

At the moment, I've managed to:
-Set up a router
-Bridge my ISP's modem/router
-Set a static IP in my PC
-Access my router's configuration, and open the ports (cmd "openports" in server console shows all three ports open).

However, this site doesn't show my server, and I can't see my server in the game's browser. I can access it through 'Local' tab and through 'Internet' tab.

I know I still need to set my router to static IP. I couldn't figure that out yet; regardless, I thought I'd give it a try to see if it works with this configuration.

What am I missing? Is it necessary that I set my router to static? I've tried, but the IPs and codes entered do no work. I either receive and error, or lose internet access.

Some info:
OS: Windows 7 64x.
Router: D-Link DIR-600

UPDATE: server is visible on Server Browser, however, others can't join (error CC23).





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More research.
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