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[Help] Database Error


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Hi, I want to print the matching value but I can't 

Can you help, thank you ...


local vehDB = dbConnect( 'sqlite', 'vehicle.db' )
dbExec(vehDB,' CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `vehicle_base` (pAcc, vehicleID, vehicleName, vehiclePrice, vehicleStatus, vehicleHP)')

function dategetV()
local results = dbPoll(dbQuery(vehDB, "SELECT * FROM `vehicle_base` WHERE vehicleID=? AND pAcc=?",520,getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source))), -1) 
 if results then 
            for k,v in ipairs ( results ) do 
addEvent("dategetV", true)
addEventHandler("dategetV", getRootElement(getThisResource()), dategetV)
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3 hours ago, djharbi2 said:

want to pull the vehicleHP value of the matching person

For example:
djharbi, 520, infernus, 100, good,1000 (This is a sample data)

The data I want > 1000 (vehicleHP)

That's exactly what your code does. So what's your issue? Nothing prints out even if the value exists in the database?

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19 minutes ago, djharbi2 said:

If you recreate the above code, I would be glad, you can do it

local vehDB = dbConnect("sqlite", "vehicle.db")
dbExec(vehDB, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS vehicle_base (pAcc TEXT, vehicleID TEXT, vehicleName TEXT, vehiclePrice TEXT, vehicleStatus TEXT, vehicleHP TEXT)")

function dateGetV()
	local accName = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source))
	local qh = dbQuery(vehDB, "SELECT * FROM vehicle_base WHERE vehicleID=? AND pAcc=?", "520", accName)
	local result = dbPoll(qh, -1)
	if result then
		for _, row in ipairs(result) do 
addEvent("dategetV", true)
addEventHandler("dategetV", root, dateGetV)

I'd do like this.

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