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Patching your 1.01 or 2.00 version of gta_sa.exe



Important note: before using this patch, first re-download the latest version of MTA from https://multitheftauto.com/ and re-install it, as the installer contains a procedure to automatically make your GTA installation compatible (without modifying original game files) that for technical reasons isn't included in the MTA auto-updater, on which many users may rely for years without installing MTA, therefore creating a problem if their GTA installation changes at some point.

So, if you currently have no compatibility or have an unsupported version of GTA (prompting you to come here) or any other similar problem, please first re-install MTA. If  this doesn't help, then proceed with the below instructions.

This topic offers a patcher which will patch the following unsupported versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:

  • USA 1.01
  • USA 2.00
  • European 1.01
  • European 2.00
  • German 1.00
  • German 1.01
  • German 2.00

This patch does NOT turn your gta_sa.exe into a crack/No-CD, but converts your gta_sa.exe to a 1.00 EU version. Please make necessary backups in case something goes wrong; we are not responsible for damaged or lost files.

I have tested this personally, though please post if you have any problems while using the patcher.

Although you will be reverting back to a fully moddable version of the game, you will also lose improvements contained within 1.01+, so downgrade at your own risk. Remember, you can always upgrade back to 1.01 from this patched version. Should you experience any problems you can always reinstall GTA:SA.

Pick one of the following mirrors to download:

Thanks to Mike for testing and mista.maja for helping me get a German gta_sa.exe, and to nippy401 for letting me get ahold of GTA:SA 2.00 :)

I have added 2.0 support for DE, untested.

Regarding users of the Steam version of GTA: San Andreas

This patch is not compatible with the Steam version of San Andreas, primarily because the .exe is completely different. You don't need to use this patcher for the Steam version, as the procedure to make MTA compatible with it is now included in the installer of recent MTA versions.

So if you have the Steam version, follow these steps:

1) install the Steam version of GTA. If you already have it installed, make sure the game, more specifically the EXE is unmodded, or else MTA may be unable to perform the operation.

2) download the latest version of MTA (make sure of this) from https://multitheftauto.com/ > "Download" and install it. If MTA was already installed, make sure to re-install it (your files and saved settings won't be lost, MTA will be overwritten only) to ensure the Steam compatibility operation is performed by the installer.

* Make sure to repeat this process every time you re-install your Steam version of GTA, or "verify files" (repair install it) in Steam, or whenever a problem occurs with launching GTA.


Last resort

This topic and the patcher was created to help a group of users that happen to have either modded, or upgraded versions of GTA:SA.
MTA San Andreas is designed for, and thus best supported on, the original versions of GTA:SA (US 1.0 and EU 1.0 EXE's) without later GTA updates (1.01 and later) applied to it.. these updates only change the EXE and not other game files, and break MTA compabibility.

So that also means if nothing in this topic works for you, the last resort (actually the method of preference in any case) would be to re-install GTA from DVD so that you will get the original EXE (US or EU 1.0) which MTA supports entirely. As far we know, no DVD version contains an updated EXE (1.01 or later) and they are all 1.0.

If you find a retail version with an updated EXE, this patcher is still likely to work for it, unlike any modded GTA versions (based on 1.01 or later) from shady sources which the patcher may not recognize. So because of the higher success rate for original game in any shape, we recommend you to only get the original game from retail (DVD or digital download) and we tend to only offer support if this is the case. MTA will not provide support for attempts to downgrade/make compatible cracked, or heavily modded installations of GTA. Besides the ethical aspect, MTA is also designed to best support unmodded versions and stability or functioning isn't even guaranteed in other scenario's.

For more information on places where you can buy legitimate and supported versions of GTA, we advise you to visit this wiki page: 



NOTE: There have been numerous cases of people externally linking directly to the file. If you wish to link to the downgrader, I request that you link to this TOPIC, not directly to the file. This is to ensure that users having trouble post in this thread rather than creating new topics. If you would like to mirror it please contact an administrator.

* Topic update date: 29th March 2020


updated Steam compatibility information
added more information


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Is there any possibility that I can play Gostown Paradise after downgrading to 1.0 ? Plz reply.. I know this mod must be dead by now.. but i really need ur help guys.. so will any kind soul who happens to be lucky enough to be reading this.. plz tell me if it's possible to run gostown paradise or not? :|:?::cry: I really wanna play that mod///

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Is there any possibility that I can play Gostown Paradise after downgrading to 1.0 ? Plz reply.. I know this mod must be dead by now.. but i really need ur help guys.. so will any kind soul who happens to be lucky enough to be reading this.. plz tell me if it's possible to run gostown paradise or not? :|:?::cry: I really wanna play that mod///

Yes. Infact i believe Gostown is intended for 1.00.

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hey guys.

i got a new pc and i wanted to install gtasa and mtasa with my old disc. well there was a CRC problem because my cd had a little but deep scratch.

now i bought a new gtasa dvd from amazon and installed it on my pc.

i installed it without problems, i can play and everything works fine.

now i tried to download mta but it says it does only support the mta 1.0 version. so i downloaded the downgrader but theres this error which lots of people had: gta_sa.exe: unknown version.

i think i have the german version, i bought it about 1 week ago from amazon.de.

i have no mods installed and i DONT use a no cd crack.

and i have win7

i read everything in this thread and i noticed that this patch only supports the german 1.00 and 1.01 version. i'm afraid i have the german 2.0 version.

what can i do? can anybody help me? :)


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it just desnt work D:

i tried it, reinstalled it but it says the same error again :(

i cant even play the normal game with the new .exe

it runs until the "game select" button but i cant klick it D:

i hope that anybody can help me or give me tips, but if it just desnt work, do i have to buy a new disc from europe or usa? D:

well, i live in austria, which must have got the europe version (pegi rated) but i ordered it from amazon in germany with the (usk rating). i knew i should have got it here, in austria.

but maybe anybody can help me...

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When I try to install the downgrade patch, it says:

This program cannot update the installed version of GTASA Patch Final because of the following reason: D:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas/gta_sa.exe: unknown version

What can I do?

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Update DirectX runtimes. Delete any D3D9.dll in your GTASA directory if there is one. Does GTASA single player run fine?

no single player does the same thing :(

Single player does not function? Try reinstalling GTASA and see if it runs; if not, you have other issues. Post your results.

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