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FreeRoam [Stunts][Custom][Ranks] Lost In Time

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Greetings Everyone.

Lost In Time are a brand new MTA:SA server.    (58 FPS SERVER)
We offer a large amount of content while trying to keep the download size small. 

We Currently Offer..... AI Peds, Traffic + Planes, Jobs, Grenade Indicators, Teleports, Gym System,  Kill Messages, Vehicle Locking, Personal Account / Login, Object Spawner, Website, Name Tags, No Speed Blur, Custom Speedo HUD, GTA V Mini Map & HUD, Top Online Players, Leveling System, Glue To Vehicles, Flying Cars, Teams, Car Reflections, Car Spoilers, Web Browser And Much Much More! 


Currently the only goal that is implemented in this Freeroam is to earn money so you are able to build using the menu on F4. 

To earn money you must kill boss NPCS around the map with custom health values.  -  You can also earn money every 5 minutes just playing on the server.

More will be taken in to consideration and values will change along with more being added / changed.

You can also earn levels with an xp system. To earn xp you kill another player in the server.

All Information is shown on the scoreboard. (FPS, Kills, Deaths, Ranks, Wanted)

(We also have a team system in place where you can change teams - Default on joining is Citizens)


I am committed to update this server as often as I can and trying to fix any issues still outstanding on the server. This is an ongoing project that i'm having fun with.

You can find and entire list of commands on our website along with our discord information, images and the latest updates we roll out.

You can also vote for our server and apply for staff on our website.

Please note that our website is still under heavy construction and will eventually change.


(Latest patch notes will be rolled out soon and this post will be edited.)


JOIN OUR SERVER @ mtasa://


VISIT OUR DISCORD @ https://discord.gg/eFpgzyZ

VISIT OUR WEBSITE @ http://www.lostintimeservers.co.uk/



>The Spoiler Contains A Full List Of Commands And More!<



Press X To Turn On And Off The Radio.


Press B To Spawn In The Closest Driven AI Car.

Press Z To Lock Your Character On A Moving Vehicle.


Press T To Talk To Other Players.

Press U To Hide The HUD.


Press L To Lock Any Vehicle You Are Driving.

Press Left CTRL To Jump While Driving A Car Or Bike.


Press F1 To Bring Up The Spawn Menu & Other Options.


Press F2 To Bring Up The Teleport Menu.


Press F3 To Show All Available Commands.




Press F5 To Show The Top 10 Most Played On The Server.


Press F6 To Bring Up The Car Neon Menu.


Press F8 To Bring Up The Console.


Press F9 For The Default Help Menu.


Press F10 To Activate High Detailed Car Shaders. (Better Car Reflections)


Press F11 To Bring Up The Map.


Hold Tab To Bring Up The Scoreboard.


Hold Left Shift In A Car To Speed Boost.


/fly    -This Enables Flying In Cars.


/vgod    -This Activates God Mode In Any Vehicle.




=====LIST OF TELEPORTS==============
















==========Other Commands===========

/dropwep     -drop the current weapon

/weed   -activates weed 

/weedsettings  -activates the weed settings

/turret   -enables the use of a turret while in a car.  Press the right mouse button to shoot

/countdown  -this will start a countdown. (Useful for starting a race)

/cc   -this will clean your entire chat. (Only for yourself)



(Our Domain Name Is Currently In Progress And Will Be Complete Soon) - Thank You And Have Fun!  


Below are some of the pictures taken on our server.

(Please note that the HUD And Other things may look Slightly different compared to the up to date live version)

(An In Depth Video Will Be Posted Back Here Soon)

















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