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If i create a weapon in client side and fire it through server side, will other players see the gun firing?

with other words (to be sure)

if the createWeapon is not synched but the fireWeapon is, will other players see the gun firing?

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As @Zorgman




A way you can bring serverside and clientside elements closer to each other.



local weapon = createElement("weaponS")




local weapons_s = getElementsByType("weaponS", resourceRoot)
for i = 1, #weapons_s do
 local weapon_s = weapons_s[i]
 local weapon_c = createWeapon(...)
 setElementParent(weapon_c, weapon_s)



ElementData can be used to transfer the properties and weapon states.

Etc. Ect. Ect.


This is a method you have to master, can't be learned with one tutorial.


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