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Rounded rectangle (dynamic button)


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Hello, I want to create a button with rounded corners. Pictures will not work. I need to create a dynamic button. How to do it right? and well optimized.

They say this is a bad way for server performance. + visible pixels (

local x,y = guiGetScreenSize() 
local sx,sy = 400,200 
local size = 45 -- pixel size to cut 
function performRendering() 
  for i=1,sy do 
    local dg = math.min(i,size) -- limit it to the size 
    if i > sy-size then 
      dg = sy-math.max(sy-size,i) -- limit it to the size for bottom parts 
    local csx = sx-1/dg*size -- use our lovely y = k/x function 
    dxDrawRectangle(x/2-csx/2,y/2-sy/2+i,csx,1,tocolor(0,0,0,200)) -- draw the magic at the middle 


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