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[ROLEPLAY] Implicit Gaming Community 2019 - Zade Servers [ENGLISH]

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x6F6bOD.png                   ONLINE AND RUNNING GOOD TO JOIN   2/10/2019   
MTASERVER IP: mtasa:// -- DISCORDCHANNEL: https://discord.gg/n2hksnM
                                  ----- Zade Servers---- Zade Servers ---- Zade Servers---- Zade Servers ---- Zade Servers
Welcome to the Implicit Introduction.
We are a server that started in the begin of 2016 and is coming back in 04/19
Now we are almost alive for one year with ups and downs we came back in the game.
- We want to bring back the roleplay as it was
- Legal roleplay is very important in a roleplay server
- ILLEGAL roleplay is important to but we are not a RPG server
- We want to give everyone something to roleplay
- We have an very nice administration team
as they are ready to help everyone!
- We allow everyone to come ingame as you speak english
What do we offer you?
  • We give you the experience to roleplay
  • a good administration team
  • working community and very friendly
  • we offer everyone a faction wich need to have 3 faction members
  • We want to give everyone something to roleplay with out faction or with a faction
  • We have teamspeak almost up where you can 


                                            We have new nice mappings we have an discord channel that you are free to join! [ Links below ]
      ⦁ 21-03-2019
      ⦁ Roleplay
      ⦁ English
      ⦁ IP: mtasa://
      ⦁ Discord: https://discord.gg/n2hksnM
      ⦁ Find us on youtube YOUTUBE CHANNEL

⦁ Find us on youtube YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Greetingz from us all.
Take a look ingame, any futher comments that will give us an bad reputation is being reported.




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Administration has been updated
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