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Google OS?


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There was a rumor that Walmart and Google were planning a low cost PC running a Google OS. At CES yesterday Larry Page gave the keynote address and when he was asked about what happened to the Google OS he said "Was there supposed to be one?" < Not a denial

I think this guy on the Mac Forum has hit the nail on the head.

I've been thinking, for a few months anyway, that Google might be doing something very crazy in the computer industry. Mind you, this idea is HIGHLY speculative but hear me out:

Things Google is, or is rumored to be, doing:

Gmail - browser-accessable email services with 2.5+GB of usable space. More than enough for the email needs of the majority of users.

Goffice - simply a rumor, but this would be a MS:Office competitor only you don't need to install it on your computer. It is, once again, browser accessible.

Dark Fiber - Google is known to be buying up large amounts of dark fiber (fiber already laid, but too costly for other companies to turn active). Fiber is a major source of bandwidth.

Google "mini-clusters" - "compact" computing rooms that Google is having developed, that can be deployed at a remote location with both large amount of processing power and storage space.

Free Wi-Fi - Free Wi-Fi to San Francisco. A beta to a faster, free wi-fi connection?

Job Descriptions - Google's job descriptions are looking for people qualified in making applications central to an operating system.

Now the conclusion:

What if... WHAT IF... Google was going to do thin client, but on a public scale?

You take your GooglePC and boot it up, wirelessly, for free, in a major metropolitan area. "From where does it boot?" do you ask? How about from a Google mini-cluster connected to the wi-fi transmitters?

The computer boots up to a browser. You can access everything you wanted to from a normal machine. Email is accessible through Gmail. You work on your documents with Goffice using the browser. But wait, you have to save your documents SOMEWHERE... right? How about in the glorious 2.5+GB of space that Google's given everyone?

This system (if it even exists in our future) takes Microsoft out of the arena, they have no place. However, I can see that it would give Apple a leg up, serving consumers that need the immediate speed of a local machine (such as with media production, games, etc.).

Call me crazy... just throwing the idea out there.

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Originally I was lazy and just put the link to my post in the KFC forum

Later I cut pasted the text.

The Mac forums link is still there

Im not interested in advertising the KFC forum... I'd like a few less people there to be honest. Look at the stats of that forum compared to any other MTA gang :wink:

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