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Hey there, we just opened our MTA SA Server named BalkanRoam, an English freeroam server.
Our server offers you different features such as:

-A brand new Dogfight System
-VIP Music Tracks
-Clan Bases System

-Wars System: Weapons Wars with Weapon Changements, no vehicles allowed!
-Custom in-game shaders and optimised server, meaning you will get higher fps than the other servers.
-Hydra Clan Skins
-Custom Clan Base door commands
-3D Radio System
-Custom Cars 
-Custom Car Panel
-Customized Freeroam Panel
-Brand new scoreboard
-Level System, Max Level: 100

-Different Events to get XP and Money:

*Dogfight Event:
There are two teams in this event, the 
winner team gets money and 2000 XP
*Free For All:
This event has different maps, you can fight everyone on it, the TOP 3 Killers get XP and Cash

What are you waiting for? Join us now!
Our Server IP: mtasa://

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