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[GTA: SA] Turnabout - spectacular Hydra speedrun


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It's been 12 years since I fell in love with Hydra stunting and I've spent a lof of time in my life on doing these...

However as time passes my mind changes, and I feel like I have pretty much reached the highest level I can as a gamer, and god I loved it too, for me Hydra stunting is art. But I simply grew up I guess, so I'm starting to appreciate real life more, and don't wanna miss out on that while I'm still young and free. 

I can't wait to see what GTA 6 brings to the table btw, it's not like I will never revert to being a more active gamer again, but for now I can tell you with safety that this is my very last GTA SA video.

Enjoy !!! 

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