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Creating a new racing roleplay server

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So, me and couple of friends want to create a server. A racing roleplay server. But we need help. It would be very appreciated.

The server itself will be called Gunma Night Racing. The server will have a free roam map, tuning system for cars, real life cars of course,  touge (mountain 1v1 racing), and jobs to earn money and tune and buy cars.

We need a good scripter, a guy who knows what he's doing when it comes to scripts and a guy who would help creating a map :)

But there's only 4 of us, and the project is big. So if at least 2 more people would like to help create an amazing server, please contact me. Then I will give a discord server link to the group where we post ideas, share files and stuff like that.

Again, help would be very appreciated :) Everything else, we will talk about on discord or in private messages :)

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