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[MC] Merry Christmas clan -were back-

Point Blank

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arr half of that roster doesnt come to this forums any more

Doesn't really matter, as long as we're mostly vets and still willing to play MTA... 8)


Point... i mean, Santa... how about shoving the AKA's and clan next to the [MC] name of members lower in the list... just to make it look formal... and so everybody knows who everyone else is and shiz...

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sup yall where back again for this time of the season post up to join up and pick a christmas name to go with it 8)

all older members post names so they wont be taken

Clan Leader

[MC]~Santa~ (Point_Blank) {FKU}

Member List

[MC]Grinch (Quig) {FKU}

[MC]Rudolf (Jani) {FKU}

[MC]Elf (DP) {FKU}

[MC]Prancer (VVolven) {FKU}

[MC]Comet (SubZero) {FKU}

[MC]EggNog (Warfire) {FKU}

[MC]Frosty (Oli) {FMJ}

[MC]Jesus (Chode) {FMJ}

[MC]HumBug (Xc0n) {ULK}

[MC]Snowball (Garrotte) {ULK}

[MC]Scrooge (Nick) {VCES}

[MC]St.Nika (Nikateen) {KFC}

[MC]Blitz (Chronic) {KFC}

[MC]KoalFu (KungFu Grip) {KFC}

[MC]Tree (Venom) {KFC}

[MC]Eve (Camaro) {KFC}

[MC]Snowman (Mexico) {KFC}

[MC]Tiny_Tim (Dpuncher) {KFC}

[MC]XmasCracker (Crack) {ULK}

[MC]Snow ( Drake) {KFC}

[MC]Sprouts (El Burro) {KFC}

[MC] HeatMiser ( FLare) {NA} ( not avalible rofl)


[MC]Jozef (BoRo) {ULK}

[MC]Dasher (ZrB1aN) {KoQ}

( Member List Closed Not accepting new members thanks 2 every one who joined / Merry Christmas )


http://img310.imageshack.us/img310/7651 ... ed19zz.jpg

Nice idea, lol. Never seen a temporarily clan in just some seasons :lol:

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