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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Purpose and usage of this section

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This forum section ("Modelling" subforum) is intended to discuss any GTA modelling-related subject, ranging from seeking advice/help from fellow modellers (like model troubleshooting or issues encountered while 3D modelling), sharing of knowledge, and casual discussion.


To keep this section organized, please be so kind to follow these posting guidelines (tags in topic title):

[QUESTION] How can I do/achieve something with modelling? Why does this happen?

[ISSUE] / [BUG] Why do I experience this specific issue with my model?

[BEGINNER] How do I create or start working on a model of this type/to fit these specific requirements?

[KNOWLEDGEBASE] Topics with aggregated useful information, reversal, or known issues you've encountered and want to inform others about how to avoid. If something is a step-to-step guide aimed at completing one specific task, it should go into Modelling > Tutorials instead.


Example types of 'modelling' work that can be discussed in this section:

- DFF (3D) modelling

- COL (collision) modelling

- TXD (texture) & material stuff


General forum rules also apply to this section, but aside that we would like to ask you to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their skill in modelling. If someone posts content or questions that you think are trivial or low quality, please remember that you have also been a novice modeller once. Real skill is gained over time, so everyone should have a chance to learn.

If you are a more experienced modeller and put effort into helping others or even taught them how to model up from the beginning, you can have a potentially great impact on the individual's future as modeller as you are shaping their foundation. Your work will be appreciated, and others will be ready to help you out if you ever need it.


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