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[HELP] engineLoadTXD / TXD file problem


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So guys, I made my own mod, the DFF and COL file both work fine, but the TXD isn't loading, it returns this error


WARNING: UGAmodloader\client.lua:54: Error loading TXD @ 'engineLoadTXD' [objects/chests/chest.txd]


I use a modloader from the community, it works fine with the rest of mods, but this one has errors, I think the problem is from the TXD file, can anyone check it?


PS: I use .tga files in TXD



here is the TXD file

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This should work; https://ufile.io/ii4ne (modified .txd). It doesn't error anymore, but if its not loading the texture onto the model, make sure that in 3DS the .dff has the following material bitmaps added on each element: 




These materials should be added on each respective surface you want said texture to apply on. In 3DS Max, press "M" and in the material viewer, the tC16nKE.png icon so you can click each surface and get the right material ID to edit. Any texture in the TXD has to be added as [texturename].tga in the DFF material selector, regardless of format.

Before modifying your TXD, it errored. I found no single TXD converter that was able to import it without throwing errors; fourCC or a bunch of warnings without resulting usable textures. Even the FourCC identification tool didn't understand the format of textures inside, what I think is that you added wrongly encoded texture files or those of a format TXD doesnt support, in some way. So if it still doesn't load as intended, it may be that some textures were lost, and that the named 3 aren't supposed to be the only ones. In that case, re-import your image files but don't load them in ambigious formats, save them as PNG or TGA before adding them to the TXD, preferably with a tool like Paint.NET. Adding them to the TXD is preferably to be done using Magic TXD.

*Note: if you still can't get it to work, please upload your DFF file so we can help you troubleshoot (the modellers amongst us).


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