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MTA Airkill bug !

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HEllO Everyone today i wanna report MTA SA staffs that MTA is NOt safe

there are many bugs to be founded daily in MTA, last time i posted about speed bug from Default  freeroam p Server !

Now i got another video that shows air kill bug from same server Default  Freeroam P SERVER!

first this was invited by ahmed mta who is global ban but later idk how players are Still  using this till now, also many players in  Default freeroam P

are using Airkill !

so i have a proof video also

hope Admins will take a action on the airkill bug !


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

As others have said, it was an issue with the "superman" script.

Due to its popularity and the known prevalence of this bug's abuse, we decided to patch the resource. You can download the updated version of superman which contains a fix for this bug.



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