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It looks like there's some general OS instability issues and your audio driver may have not been installed properly as a result.

Please download https://mirror.multitheftauto.com/mtasa/utils/servicing.bat and then rightclick this file > "Run as Administrator". Make sure it finishes, as it should close itself and may take a while. After it completes, restart your PC.

Once booted back up, install these drivers;



After that, generate a new MTADiag log and provide it to me, and try out whether the issue is resolved or not.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

I solved it for you on Teamviewer, just noting the final solution as others may encounter the same issue.

It had to do with preferred sound device in Windows sound settings (but for the same sound card, more like output channel), Realtek HD audio has atleast 2 sound outputs: Speakers ("Realtek" High Definition Audio) and "Realtek Digital Output", in his case MTA only launched after setting it to "Realtek Digital Output" once, this is not a final solution though as depending on your configuration that may stop sound from being heard, so after noticing this we went to the regular windows "Sound" configuration panel (start menu > type "Sound", or control panel > "Sound"), rightclicked "Speakers" (HD audio) and "set as Default Device" and after that also as default communication device (not sure if essential to the fix).

The initial fix that told us where it was related to (selecting Digital Output) kept it working (MTA launching, not neccesarily sound outputting) after setting it back to Speakers (HD audio) where it was at before, so it means something just flipped off and bugged the configuration so as for this to happen. This is probably a Windows 10 update, as the step of re-selecting output channel was done through the modern Windows 10 settings > system > sound pane.

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