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Hello i am Wicked and i am a T-Mod of a server called SAEG:RPG . Our server is a famous and has a big community which was created by  2 players called #GODLIKE and Oussema and after a month or so after the server development #GODLIKE (main owner) added a new Owner called Majd and he is a scripter and made a lot of scripts and helped the server in many ways and our server had gone through a lot of problem and lost a lot of players (we had 40+ players each day and it went down to 5+) then our Owner #GODLIKE who was paying for the host and all the stuff left the server leaving Oussema and Majd as owners (Oussema main owner then). Later Oussema left the server because they were not able to find a suitable guy to pay for the server and now Majd is the Only Owner. After months of hard work we started to get some of our players back and now we have 20+ players each day. Recently our old Owner called Oussema came to the server and hacked the server and bugged it because Majd (Main owner now) was not ready to give him the Owner rank. Oussema is now threatening us that he will make his own server with our server name ( SAEG:RPG ) exact same name and he stole our resources and db . Can MTA do something about this? 

            FAKE SERVER : mtasa://

          FAKE SERVER (Suspected) : mtasa://

       * When you type in SAEG:RPG in the server list you can find three servers with the same name. If something can be done against this please notify me and i will give more information.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Nothing can be done about this, we can't help you. It's your own affair especially because both 'owners' hold copyrights of the gamemode, sadly we see lots of similar conflicts. Internal disagreements/arguments is nothing for us to get involved with, MTA can't police this.

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