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Well there are plenty of servers out there, depends on your preferences. (RPG, Racing, Death Match, Freeroam, ect) as for friends list best way to keep track of that is by using discord or some similar messaging app, there is no built in system.

Best advice really is to try to find 'Mature' communities not particularly older ones, but ones that aren't filled with a bunch of 8 year olds. (If you would like you could check out mine we'll be going live in a couple of months) other then that the games just like any other older game, be aware that there are a bunch of immature players with computers made pre 2000's.



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Hi Newbie welcome to mta sa community !!

well if you r newbie and wanna play some good servers i am here to hint you some server names :

freeroam servers : default freeroam p, andy gta 5 freeroam, default mta server,  tomy mta sa,  SAAF , many freeroam r there but i prefers to play here only

Rpg : Cit2, Saeg, PYL, CCD planet ,Saur rpg,Owl gaming ,Gamenet.ga !

i play some stealth servers  , names - mini-missions, online.lk !

you can find me in there servers mostly i play on default freeroam p & andygta5 freeroam

My nick in game - Amazingcasino!!

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