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[REL] MTA-Indicators


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  •   This resource allows player to create custom indicators, both static positions and indicators following target element are possible to be created using this.  


Main features:                                                                                   

  • Well optimized code, thousands of indicators can be created without causing lags on most PC's.
  • OOP codebase.
  • The resource is very customizable, there are function to get/set pretty much every variable.


Example video of it in action:                                                         

Click to open video


Details and download on Github:                                                   

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10 minutes ago, Tails said:

Make it so the indicators stick to the edges of the screen when you face away from them.

If you didn't add that already. I couldn't tell in the video.

Haven't added it, i will look into it when i have some time, for now working on other projects. Should be pretty easy to add, but not sure about how to optimize it properly.

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