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First of all, it is real. i've tried it myself and it works. Also, they're not selling it because Rockstar would sue the MTA team's asses off. It's not all over the internet because multi has been announced before but it's always been fake until now. If you want to know about the quality, remember that it's not very good. It's version 0.2 for crying out loud! If you really want to know about the quality, then go download it. It's free you know.

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First of all it is Alpha. The lower the community size at this point the better. Otherwise the Devs would get flooded with stupid/useless information, that is saved for beta. Also if someone played right now they could very easily believe that 0.2a is a hoax, even thought it isn't. It is nearly impossible to play in all honesty (I haven't got it to work yet).

Off the subject, I don't like to reply when people don't take the time to type "Why" instead of "y". Its ridiculous. Call me an elitist but those 2 extra characters sure won't kill you and it makes you look far more intelligent.

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0.2a is perfect for proof that the game works IMO.

More and more people are getting the game to work. 0.1a might have been seen as a hoax, but 0.2a is pretty solid, just looking at the screens is proof enough.

And sell the game? - Guess that moderators get it for free.... so thats cool =)

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yeah as long as mods get it for free, im ok with that too :)

was .1 a hoax or the real thing? cause almost never works for anyone

it worked for me ;) but not too often thats why i made my own clone version of it. It did basically the same but was more stable (No Offence to 0.1a or anything)

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y dun ne1 like when ppl dun spell out werds?

y every1 gotta bag on dudes that dun like ta type?

me, im lazy, i type as little as possible. if you think im dumb or a redneck then im down with that. You understand what i write.


dudes are right, selling this would be a whole heap of legal trouble.

but my experience in the game industry is that if they do this right, a lot of them will have a job waiting for them at Rockstar or some other game dev that saw their work.

Vendetta Studios pretty much had to disband after a while because all the good game devs kept taking our modders and paying them money to work for them dammit.

and ya, its for real...was wondering when someone would have the cojones to tackle the project (would be impossible nearly without netcode built into the engine...thank god Rockstar left it in there).

my question is this:

Who gonna do GTA:VC? Cuz its gonna be here May 13th, 2003. And my copy should be here May 12th or May 14th. So by the time im done beating VC (Cuz its taken me almost 9 months of off and on playing of reg GTA3 to beat just the story missions...i still doing all the other crap), mebbe these dudes will have MTA3 done, and will be working on MTA:VC. ( i can pray dammit).

anyway, again, good job MTA team. I will marry one of you (and you will wear the dress at the wedding).

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there is a small chance (very) that MTA can modifed to run on VC. If the fiel structure and other things are simliar there is hope.

it does use the same engine as gta3, so i would say it would be compatible, but of course, it would need tweaking to use the vice city memory addresses.

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i think my main question is:

if they made GTA3 with mp code, but never enabled it, did they leave it in VC?

If they never used it in GTA3, wouldnt they decide "well hell, heres 100,000 lines of code for mp, and we never used it before, why not just remove it and add 100,000 lines of gfx, physics, etc code?"

example: Unreal Warfare engine (which powers UT2k3, Unreal II, RavenShield, America's Army, etc) has mp network code built into it.


The Unreal II dev team completely removed all netcode from the engine (stripped it right out!), so they could add more AI code, more physics (Karma Authoring Engine), etc. You CAN mod Unreal II, but you CANNOT add multiplayer to it.

I imagine one of you MTA dev guys know the answer to this. I pray VC has the netcode still in it!!!

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my question is: has anyone notified R* of this? i mean if they dont surf the web constantaly for new homebrewed developements about their games, then they dont know it exists. I suppose someone in the DevTeam for GtaMta probably did\tried to contact R*... so i think that maybe we ALL should email them asking: just to include mp in the firsrt place, we're so desperate were making it for our selves, and second: if not then add the unused lines of code.

the reason why i say "add the unused lines of code" is because the original gta3 was made for PS2, ported to pc. during the port they ADDED the mp code. however GTAVC is a (neerly) completely rewritten verion of the GTA3 engine. therfore GTA3PS2-->GTAVCPS2-->GTAVCPC this means that rather than rewrtinging the GTA3PC engine, they probably port GTAVC to PC, this means that there is no mp code.. unless they add it again, like they did in the porting of GTA3. and even still it will be different code.

since gta3 is not mp, my guess is that they wont bother with VC at all. i base this on the fact that:

1) R* gave up on mp for gta3 because they saw all the same problemes that GTA3:MTA are having.

2) It takes R* forever to port games, let alone add MP compatability

3) VC is more complex than 3, so making MP is even harder

4) I personally think may 12 is way to early to see MP, then again if they started during gta3, then they might have it finished by now.. ready to include with VCPC

*forgive spelling errors i type fast, but dont pay attention.

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