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[HELP] Why not working export function in admin?


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This is the code:

addEvent ( "aPlayer", true )
addEventHandler ( "aPlayer", _root, function ( player, action, data, additional, additional2, kickedname )
	if checkClient( "command."..action, source, 'aPlayer', action ) then return end
	if not isElement( player ) then
		return	-- Ignore if player is no longer valid
	if ( hasObjectPermissionTo ( source, "command."..action ) ) then
		local admin = source
		local mdata = ""
		local more = ""
		if ( action == "kick" ) then
			local reason = data or ""
			mdata = reason~="" and ( "(" .. reason .. ")" ) or ""
			setTimer ( kickPlayer, 100, 1, player, source, reason )
			exports.ig_kickban:showBoxS (root ,"Kirúgás", player.." kirúgta "..source.." nevű játékost", "kick")

the exports.ig_ki...etc line does not working.. why? i get this error: "Attempt to concatenate global source (a userdata value)"

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