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[HELP] How to save grid list rows to xml file?


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You can use this, but if you want save player data SQL is better than XML

function savef()
	local gridText = guiGridListGetItemText( gridlist, row, column )
	local RootNode = xmlCreateFile("new.xml"," newroot")
	local NewNode = xmlCreateChild(RootNode, "newchild")
	local xmlBindsBranch = xmlFindChild(RootNode,"newchild",0)
	if ( xmlBindsBranch ) then 
		xmlNodeSetValue( xmlBindsBranch, gridText ) 
    	local success = xmlNodeGetValue ( xmlBindsBranch ) -- get "newchild" value
    	if ( success ) then
    		outputChatBox( tostring( success ) ) 


addCommandHandler("createfile", savef)


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