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triggered serverside event onPlayer(resource)Start, but event is not added serverside

Zuher Laith

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I'm getting a error on debugscript each time I start the resource,


Error output:


[13:15:14] ERROR: Client (Zuher) triggered serverside event onPlayer(ResourceName)Start, but event is not added serverside


-- client side:
function initGUI()
		triggerServerEvent( "vendInit", resourceRoot );
addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, initGUI )

-- server side
function vendInit( )
    -- code and stuff
addEvent( "vendInit", true )
addEventHandler( "vendInit", resourceRoot, vendInit )


could anyone explain to me the cause of this error ?
Thanks for any help ..

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A triggerServerEvent is used to communicate with the server. It is required that the event is added serverside before used.

addEvent("onPlayer(ResourceName)Start", true)

The addEvent function will make sure that the event is added. (serverside in your case)

  • The first argument is the event name "onPlayer(ResourceName)Start".
  • The second argument will enable events from a different side (client/server). If set to false you can't use triggerServerEvent/triggerClientEvent, only triggerEvent to activate it.

For more information: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/AddEvent

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