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Railroad crossings


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Dear users,


I noticed when I drive a train ad I'm close to a level crossing, it starts to close too late, in fact if I drive in high speed, the train arrives there when the bars are still raised.

I think in the game development there is a radius for each level crossing, and if in that radius there is a train, it starts closing. I want to increase that radius.


How can I do?



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So, I did two screenshots:

  • the first without train (link)
  • the second with train (link)

As you can see, if there isn't a train near the level crossing, it is open. If there is a train, it closes.

I think in the game programming there is an action radius (number) for each level crossing, and if there is a train in that radius, the level crossing closes.

Now I want to increase the number of that action radius.


Is it possible?



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