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Found 2 results

  1. Hello i creating a skin weapon system but dont working to removing a skin dont send debugscript 3 nothing just dont deleting skin my code: (obs: i calling all into server side he can see my skin but can't take this skin just me) ``` local engineSET = {} function SetarSkinAK(localPlayer) engineSET[localPlayer] = {} engineSET[localPlayer][1] = dxCreateShader("texturechanger.fx", 0, 100, false, "ped") engineSET[localPlayer][2] = dxCreateTexture("files/ak1.png") if engineSET[localPlayer][1] and engineSET[localPlayer][2] then dxSetShaderValue(engineSET[localPlayer][1], "TEXTURE", engineSET[localPlayer][2]) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(engineSET[localPlayer][1], "T1", localPlayer) end end addEvent( "DarSkin", true) addEventHandler("DarSkin", getRootElement(), SetarSkinAK) function RemoverSkin(localPlayer) destroyElement(engineSET[localPlayer][1]) destroyElement(engineSET[localPlayer][2]) engineSET[localPlayer] = nil end addEvent( "DelSkin", true) addEventHandler("DelSkin", getRootElement(), RemoverSkin) ```
  2. As the title says, I'm interested in a finished Custom Weapon System (CWS in short). There are a few criteria that must be met with the CWS, which I will go in detail privately. So if you're interested in selling one, feel free to DM me. Best regards, Vseven
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