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Found 5 results

  1. https://youtu.be/x44DEM9j8hQ It's been 12 years since I fell in love with Hydra stunting and I've spent a lof of time in my life on doing these... However as time passes my mind changes, and I feel like I have pretty much reached the highest level I can as a gamer, and god I loved it too, for me Hydra stunting is art. But I simply grew up I guess, so I'm starting to appreciate real life more, and don't wanna miss out on that while I'm still young and free. I can't wait to see what GTA 6 brings to the table btw, it's not like I will never revert to being a more active gamer again, but for now I can tell you with safety that this is my very last GTA SA video. Enjoy !!!
  2. I was attempting to max the stat on bmx but the script wasn't working even if I start the script on map editor along with tools. I tried searching for max stats on bike used for bmx race. I was going to make thps map to make the player jump to the gap. I don't want to have 0 stat on bmx or it's useless to make thps maps, stunts ramps jump on gaps. Can you help please? I'm in map editor needs to test on gaps
  3. First of all, it is a fun server but that doesnt mean that you are able to kill players around the map, that IS NOT fun at all. we look for players that can bring fun to the server without ruining other player's fun. we have many stunt maps and car mods, Deathmatch, carjack, a lobby system, and players willing to make the server grow. when the server was created, we had around 20 players in average, now we can't even get 15, so everyone is needed. mtasa://
  4. My name is Mathias, and I live in Denmark. I recently made my own MTA server, with a few mods, and would like some feedback on performance, and etc. Currently you can: Play vanilla Spawn vehicles and stuff Teleport to a few stunt ramp locations PM (private message with other players) Races and other gamemodes (I have to start them from the admin panel) http://imgur.com/a/fcGzf Future plans I have for this server: Make it online 24/7 (I have to have my PC turned on for people to play on it. I plan on leaving a spare laptop open overnight some days, but that's not my main option (I'm often at my desktop, I'll just leave it open on there)) Get a money system which makes it possible for you to keep your money when you logout Get some minigames (fx: your press a button like F1 and you will get to a menu, where you can join a race, or derby, and that stuff) Make it possible to get money when you win a race, or another minigame. Make it possible to buy stuff with the money (I do not know what yet, feel free to come with examples :D) Roleplay-like jobs. (For example another menu like the gamemode menu, where you can get a job, like trucker, busdriver, etc.) Contact information: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mjnielsen99/ IP:
  5. Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7gKZDIU8tdcJ1eT2EuT-fg?sub_confirmation=1
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