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Found 13 results

  1. This id generating login panel connects to various systems such as inventory. However, I'm unable to resolve the error in this login panel. https://hizliresim.com/etik01d function getIDFromPlayer(id) if id then local theid idTablo = getElementsByType("id") for id,p in pairs(idTablo) do if id == p then theid = i end end return theid else return false end end function getPlayerFromID(id) if id then id = tonumber(id) local theplayer idTablo = getElementsByType("id") for id,p in pairs(idTablo) do if theID == id then theplayer = p end end return theplayer else return false end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function(_,hesap) setElementData(source, "loggedin", true) setElementData(source,"TuningMenuTrue",false) local hesapID = getAccountID(hesap) if idTablo[hesapID] then -- The line where the error is indicated is here. ozelID = idTablo[hesapID] setElementID(source,ozelID) else setElementID(source,hesapID) end local oyuncu = (string.gsub(getPlayerName(source),"#%x%x%x%x%x%x","")) local id = getElementID(source) or "-1" end) addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() if id then id = tonumber(id) local theplayer idTablo = getElementsByType("id") for id,p in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do setElementData(player, "loggedin", not isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(player))) setElementData(player, "TuningMenuTrue", isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(player))) if getPlayerAccount(player) then local hesapID = getAccountID(getPlayerAccount(player)) if idTablo[hesapID] then ozelID = idTablo[hesapID] setElementID(player,ozelID) end end end end end)
  2. Hello, I am communicating with you through a translator, so you may not fully understand my thoughts, but still. such a question, in our segment there are assemblies of ready-made servers (Russian-speaking), but the same problem occurs when installing on hosting. 1) I install it on a local server. 2) I connect the database. 3) I register and play quietly. And as I decide to upload to the hosting, there are problems with the login panel. 1) I upload the server assembly to the hosting. 2) I upload the database to MySQL. 3) I set a lock from strangers using the serial key (so that only my friends could play with me) 4) I register as usual. 5) I'm trying to log in, the server issues an error with the wrong password \ login (although I write everything correctly), I register in Cyrillic, everything works and logs in, I write some numbers, too, everything works, but it does not accept in English. what could this be related to? who can tell please! sorry, I forgot to break everything down by points, I hope that you will understand me, if that I will try to explain everything
  3. Nem szeretném az egész scriptet iderakni, ezért csak azt a részt, ahol írja a debugscript, hogy nem jó. A hibaüzenet pedig a cím, vagyis: attempt to call global 'attemptRegister' (a nil value) -- Kliens function execRegister() local empty = false; for i, data in ipairs(accountData[2]) do if (data == "") then empty = true; break; end end if not (empty) then if (string.len(accountData[2][1]) >= 3) then if (string.len(accountData[2][2]) >= 3) then if (string.len(accountData[2][3]) >= 7) then attemptRegister("attemptRegister", resourceRoot, accountData[2][1], hash("sha512", accountData[2][2]), accountData[2][3]); else serverResponse("shortEmail"); end end else serverResponse("shortPassword"); end else serverResponse("shortUsername"); end if (empty) then serverResponse("emptyFields"); end end -- Szerver addEvent("attemptRegister", true); addEventHandler("attemptRegister", resourceRoot, function (un, pass, email) if not (isPlayerBanned) then local qh = dbQuery(con, "SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username=? OR email=?", un, email); local user = dbPoll(qh, 500); if (user) then if not (#user > 0) then dbExec(con, "INSERT INTO accounts SET username=?, password=?, email=?", un, pass, email); triggerClientEvent(client, "accountServerResponse", resourceRoot, "registerSucces"); else triggerClientEvent(client, "accountServerResponse", resourceRoot, "existingAccount"); end else triggerClientEvent(client, "accountServerResponse", resourceRoot, "unknownError"); end else triggerClientEvent(client, "accountServerResponse", resourceRoot, "playerBanned"); end end );
  4. function isPlayerBanned(player) if (player) then local serial = getPlayerSerial(player); local qh = dbQuery(con, "SELECT * FROM bans WHERE serial=? AND expiration > CURRENT_TIME()", serial); local bans = dbPoll(qh, 500); if (bans) then if (#bans > 0) then return true; else return false; end else return false; end else return false; end end The script always gives me true, even if i replace that one true with false
  5. Banda me ayudan mis amigos no pueden crear una cuenta con el panel login algunos me dicen que le dé permisos pero Noce como
  6. Hello! I have a script but i dont understand what is the problem. heres the code: fadeCamera(true, 0.3) setCameraMatrix(2410.69263, -1657.63013, 40.17338, 2442.47388, -1658.73975, 27.61846) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("all",false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("crosshair",false) showCursor(true) local screenX,screenY = guiGetScreenSize(); local loginPanelX,loginPanelY; local joinTick; local margin = getResponsiveSize(10) local buttonWidth,buttonHeight = getResponsiveSize(360), getResponsiveSize(60) local strings = { ["loginBtn"] = "Bejelentkezés", ["registerBtn"] = "Regisztráció" } local function getResponsiveSize(size) return(screenX/1920) * size end local windowWidth,windowHeight = getResponsiveSize(400), getResponsiveSize(450) function showLoginPanel() joinTick = getTickCount(); addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawLoginPanel) end function drawLoginPanel() loginPanelX,loginPanelY = interpolateBetween(-windowWidth, screenY/2 -windowHeight/9, 5, screenX/1.600 -windowWidth, screenY/1.500 -windowHeight,0, (getTickCount()-joinTick)/1000, "OutBounce" ); dxDrawRectangle(loginPanelX, loginPanelY, windowWidth,windowHeight, tocolor(0,0,0,190)) drawButton(loginPanelX + windowWidth/2 - buttonWidth/2 + margin, loginPanelY + windowHeight - buttonHeight - margin, buttonWidth - margin*2, buttonHeight, strings.loginBtn, tocolor(0,0,0,150), tocolor(255,48,48,160), tocolor(255,255,255,255)) end function drawButton(x,y,w,h,text,backgroundColor,hoverColor,textColor, font, textSize) if (isCursorInPosition(x,y,w,h)) then dxDrawRectangle(x,y,w,h,hoverColor) else dxDrawRectangle(x,y,w,h,textColor, font, textSize) end centerText(text, x,y,w,h,textColor) end function isCursorInPosition(x,y,w,h) local cursorX,cursorY = getCursorPosition(); cursorX,cursorY = cursorX * screenX, cursorY * screenY return(cursorX >= x and cursorX <= x + w) and (cursorX >= y and cursorY <= cursorY + h) end function centerText(text,x,y,w,h,textColor,font,size) dxDrawText(text, x + w/2, y + h/2, x + w/2, y + h/2, textColor,size,font, "center", "center", false,false,false,true) end showLoginPanel(); heres some pictures from debugscript 3: https://imgur.com/a/KgUtNv3
  7. Boa noite rapaziada, bom eu to fazendo um painel login e adicionei 3 musicas que tocam aleatoriamente em uma tabela nomeada (Tab_Musicas), no entanto ao player entrar na tela de login eu gostaria que aparecesse o nome da musica a qual esta tocando! E é ai que entra minha duvida. Como eu poderia estar especificando em um dxDrawText qual musica esta tocando no momento? Linhas de código abaixo: Tabela: local Tab_Musicas = {"musicas/musica1.mp3", "musicas/musica2.mp3", "musicas/musica3.mp3"} Momento em que a musica se inicia: function onClientResourceStart() fadeCamera(true, 5) setCameraMatrix(1468.8785400391, -919.25317382813, 100.153465271, 1468.388671875, -918.42474365234, 99.881813049316) sound = playSound(Tab_Musicas[math.random(1, #Tab_Musicas)], false) ... Print do P/Login, no estado atual (a musica se encontra no canto superior direito):
  8. Estou com um poble,a não faço ideia do que usar para fzr a DX Sumir Junto com os button de login depois que logar.
  9. How can I add music to the login panel. My english :~, I apologize for this.
  10. i have a loginpanel, and i added this lines: time = getTickCount() x = 1000 y = 200 z = 20 function anim() x = x+0.31 y = y+0.32 setCameraMatrix(x,y,z, 0, 0, 0) if (getTickCount() - time >= 5000) then removeEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), anim) end end addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), anim) but when i log in, how to set camera to the player? because when i login, the loginpanel disappear, and the camera stay there sorry for my bad english :c
  11. اللوحة هاذي قديمة من زماااااان سويتها وخليت صديقي ينشرها تم نشره في 24‏/07‏/2016 شوفوا الفرق من تاريخ النشر حتى المود الجديد اللي رح انشره قريباً الفيديو الجديد من هنا
  12. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته هاذي اللوحة بمناسبة اعتزال الكل هاذي الفترة للتحميل اضغط هنا
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