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Found 3 results

  1. W!CK3D G@M1NG DayZ[EN|RU|LV|GLOBAL|HIGH LOOT|150+VEHICLES] IP: Features: Zombie Shop English More Guns Mission System Group System Zombie System Radar in A51 NO LAG Discord: https://discord.gg/q2A7EnTv
  2. IP SERVER: mtasa:// ¡Welcome to ZOMBIE EVOLUTION! Zombie Evolution is a server for 2 game modes such as PvP and PvE, where you must survive and level up within the San Andreas map. Starting with a level system where everyone can level up and unlocking new spawns to use better weapons allowed within the server. Play alone and complete missions or join / create a clan to work as a team on the missions and objectives that the server has. On the server you will find different threats, both players and infected. Survive however you can ... or die trying and if you are sick of humanity, fight as a zombie and eliminate any player you see or infect them to join the zombie horde. Good luck, survivor. OPEN WORLD ► Spawn system CIVILLIANS civilians are the new members of the server who enter the world of Zombie Evolution. They have a spawn and base in Los Santos to be closer to the main missions and objectives of the server and have greater contact with the infected. ARMY The Army is located in area 51, where it is their main base of operations against the resistance and terrorists. They are responsible for maintaining order on the server rescuing civilians in danger and in constant war with both terrorists and clans allied with them. They have powerful weapons of war that only few can reach. RESISTANCE / TERRORIST The resistance or terrorists are an organization that works in conjunction with Umbrella, in charge of spreading terror and evil in the state of San Andreas, kidnap and murder civilians in order to test the new bio-weapons that the organization secretly works. Together with the gangs, they are an imminent danger in the state of San Andreas and they maintain their war with great constancy against Army than with S.W.A.T S.W.A.T The S.W.A.T or the San Andreas Police Station are combat experts who, together with the help of the S.T.A.R.S and the Special Military Unit, manage to rescue a hundred people after the infection of the state of San Andreas. Its constant fighting against the Resistance causes the San Andreas government to lose power, being under the protection of the Army's in San Andreas, but its mission to protect the people and rescue them continues at all times. INFECTATES The infected are players who fell into the clutches of zombies and now live roaming the state of San Andreas infecting more people. Unlike the common infected, infected players are faster and with the power to use vehicles and melee weapons. The army's, resistance and S.W.A.T try to contain as best they can to this class of infected, resulting in the majority of combats as defeats. Civilians ironically consider themselves the only ones capable of fighting these threats GANGS (you need or join a clan) Gangs are clans formed with the purpose of being a nuisance to both the army and the squads. These aim to be mercenaries or assassins in charge of higher levels, these being blamed in the lore of zombie evolution for the majority of infections in the state of San Andreas. They are considered the strongest groups along with the squads of the state of San Andreas due to the number of members within these groups, and having a greater influence within the resistance and terrorists, even leading to the recruitment of civilians by deceiving them with good pay SQUADS (you need or join a clan) The military squads are groups or clans in charge of maintaining order and are considered the most prepared in terms of the defense of the State of San Andreas as well as in the attack. These Elite groups are constantly facing off against gangs as well as resistance or terrorists with the aim of returning peace to the state of San Andreas. ► MENU LOGIN ► HUD system The "HUD" system found on the server is optimized for the comfort of low-resource computers, where you can admire both your ping, fps, level, experience, and personalized map. Etc. RADAR The radar is designed so that you can observe the map of San Andreas in a good way, with the difference that if you require a greater range of vision, press the "z" to increase the size of this. You also have an ideal F11 to search the missions, hives, RC and other things on the map. Thanks to the descriptions that this contains on the left side of f11. HUD The "NO" system is designed for a comfortable and charming interface for the user, giving it a refreshing look during gameplay, with the following features WEAPONS NAMETAG LIFE PERCENTAGE ARMOUR PERCENTAGE INFECTION PERCENTAGE MONEY LEVEL EXPERIENCIE (obtained - total) There is also a hud in the name of ZE with information on your current FPS and PING. ► MISIONS In Zombie Evolutions there are all kinds of missions and jobs. Rescue Civilians, survive in wave survival, deliver packages, enter hives, among others. Next, we will show you the different missions in Zombie Evolution There are 2 types of armor. The civil armored vehicle: It is an exclusive mission for civilians where only they can operate this type of truck. It is a simple and comfortable mission to get to know the server. The special armor: The special armor is exclusive to army and resistance that are considered rivals for obtaining resources. The reward varies, but that of special armor is unique because if a group manages to make this armor, they can have the use of the bunker in Las Venturas in their hands. The mission "the hive" is a mission with the characteristics of the Resident Evil game where we present the model in flesh and life from the first Resident Evil movie, the hive has different bosses inside it, passwords, secret rooms, etc. It is a labyrinth to discover and therefore, it is a place that few would like to know and many would like to tread. ► BOSSES Zombie Evolution bosses are infected special enemies that have their own zones with different weapons and that can only be defeated by specific weapons. Some of these are made up of the following bosses. NEMESIS With his RPG, this enemy is an unprecedented killing machine, considered the best bio-organic weapon of Umbrella, not only is it in a room, if not, it appears on the streets of the State of San Andreas to annihilate anyone with their minigun. EX-USS He was a member of a clan called USS until he was cast for being very bloodthirsty He was infected with the T virus due to zombies He asked for help but his former clan turned their back on him Instead he was locked up by those who were once his comrades Now thirsty for revenge which keeps him in control of the T virus He will kill anyone who enters his aposintos COMBINE It is an experiment called super soldier which sought to increase the resistance and strength of the soldiers But it turned out relatively badly, they went crazy wanting to kill whoever they saw on the other side achieved their goal, they had great resistance and above all, enough strength to break your neck with one hand. For that reason it is locked in ls to avoid more casualties. LEATHERACE His real name is Jedidiah Sawyer was someone who got violent easily and the infection was what made him detonate Injecting himself with a dose of the g virus, he took his favorite weapon and began a massacre. Now he is locked up in sf to prevent him from continuing to kill civilians TOP MISSIONS Every day there are missions to fulfill, reaching the chasm is what some need and require. In Zombie Evolution, there is a TOP where, for completing missions, you get special prizes and you will have to go through the server little by little to be able to complete said missions. So completing them will be an easy or difficult task, also depending on the mission. ► SURVIVAL MODE Survive, annihilate, but above all, don't die. Survival mode is in Zombie Evolution, and it brings a lot of hordes after you, where they will try to kill you. There will be 3 special maps where each one will be different, also depending on the enemies. BONE COUNTRY It is the town where the cattle live and worship saddler. These will always attack with weapons of sticks, branches and shovels in order to finish off the enemy that invaded them, like you, Leon. S. Kennedy LOS SANTOS The city of saints is a perfect setting for zombies, try to avoid them. These are slow, but if they catch you, they will bite you and try to finish you off as soon as possible. For one they are weak, but together, they are a threat that will try to finish off Jill Valentine. EPSILON FARM House of the Enlightened. The monks, believers and other members of this dangerous organization are in this place, commanded by the dangerous executioner, they will try to kill you as a hunk. Each map has 3 difficulties and 4 climates, where you can obtain a special bonus depending on the climate and difficulty. The reward varies by map. FOR MORE DESCRIPTION, WATCH THIS: SURVIVOR ► MODE HISTORY The story mode is found in Zombie Evolution. Lion. S. Kennedy is on an important mission, where duty calls again after the loss of connection of Los Santos with the rest of the state. What Leon will find in the city of Los Santos is a disgrace and horror. Deaths, agony, are words that fall short of what happened in Los Santos. Help Leon find out what happened, while facing zombies, umbrella agents, special infected and above all ... A powerful threat like a corporation. ► TURFS SYSTEM THE TURFS are areas of conquest for both the clans and the armies and resistance that require capturing them and dominating the area and the state of San Andreas. The advantage of the TURFS are high. From the instantaneous recovery of 15% of life for each kill of the group that has mastered it, to the absolute title of "dominator of the server" to be known within the server. It is important in pre-event warfare and clan wars that staffs organize within the server. ► CAR SHOP A NEW MAPPING FOR THE VISUALIZATION OF THE PLAYERS WAS DESIGNED, GIVING MORE FOCUS TO THE IMPORTANT VEHICLES AS BASICS OF ALWAYS SHOWN AT FIRST SIGHT, NOT TO MENTION THAT THE VEHICLES OF THE MONTH WILL NOW STAND OUT IN A BETTER WAY THE TUNING ZONE HAS A FIRST CONFORMED VISUALIZATION TO BE ABLE TO SHOW THE PLAYER THE DIFFERENT IMPROVEMENTS THAT CAN BE MADE TO THE VEHICLE, FOR EXAMPLE: shield Increases the durability of the vehicle against bumps, shots, etc Engine Increases speed, acceleration and improves vehicle brakes Color Principal Change the color of the vehicle with the RGB panel according to the user's taste Secondary Color [Change the color of the vehicle's wheels according to the user's taste] Color Faros Change the color of the lights according to the user's taste Color Effect Change the appearance of your vehicle to a variety of colors Neon Add neon to your vehicle where you can change color Nitro Add turbines capable of increasing the speed of your vehicle, this also affects the chosen engine Horn Choose the horn sound you want your vehicle to integrate, including sounds of well-known melodies Vehicle Time Selection of increasing the time of the vehicle or keeping it unlimited ENTER AND ENJOY OUR SERVER. YOU WILL NOT REGRET. IP SERVER: mtasa:// ¡Welcome to ZOMBIE EVOLUTION!
  3. Всем привет, хочу представить вам отличный игровой сервер MTA Dayz: The Last Survivors. Плюсы этого сервера следующие: - мод был написан с нуля - заменены и добавлены новые модели оружия, еды, скинов, машин - есть свои уникальные фишки, например: обмен мусора на оружие, крафт, airdrop. Причем это еще не конец - ну и конечно же адекватная и отзывчивая администрация. В общем всем кому интересно узнать большее, заходите на сервер IP - Так же у сервера имеется группа в ВК - https://vk.com/mta_the_last_survivors
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