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  1. W!CK3D G@M1NG DayZ[EN|RU|LV|GLOBAL|HIGH LOOT|150+VEHICLES] IP: Features: Zombie Shop English More Guns Mission System Airdrop Systm Group System Zombie System Radar in A51 NO LAG Discord: https://discord.gg/NTSkHh6W9M
  2. W!CK3D G@M1NG DayZ[EN|RU|LV|GLOBAL|HIGH LOOT|150+VEHICLES] IP: Features: Zombie Shop English More Guns Mission System Group System Zombie System Radar in A51 NO LAG Discord: https://discord.gg/q2A7EnTv
  3. Balkan DayZ [EUROPE] [REBORN]|LOOTx2|ZM SHOP] IP: Features: Zombie Shop English More Guns Mission System Group System Zombie System Radar u A51 NO LAG
  4. Website: www.nationz.pl Server IP: play.nationz.pl:20380 Discord: https://discord.gg/N9kVMjP6zu
  5. Strona www: www.nationz.pl Adres IP: play.nationz.pl:20380 Discord: https://discord.gg/N9kVMjP6zu
  6. ►Brazil Survival (rust/dayz)◄[ALPHA 1.10]-LVL,BUILD,ZOMBIES,PVP,MISSIONS♦ Base grátis (informações no discord) Discord: http://discord.gg/CT4ZRsY2wG IP: mtasa://
  7. SilentKill DayZ Siz de sürekli aynı olan dayz sunucularından sıkılmadınız mı? Yetenekli ve özgün sistemlerimizle size yepyeni ve şahane bir dayz sunuyoruz! Sunucu Bilgileri Sunucu İsmi: SilentKill DayZ [International] [ENG|GER|TR|HUN|PL|RU|BR] IP adresi: mtasa:// Host Bölgesi: Almanya 30'dan fazla silah seçeneği ile istediğin kalitede oyun! -Kendilerine özel sesleri ile M4A1 ve varyasyonları -Kendilerine özel sesleri ile AK47 ve varyasyonları -Kendine özgü sesleri ve dürbünleri ile keskin nişancı tüfekleri -Araçlara ve helikopterlere takılabilen silah varyasyonları -İkincil silah olarak kullanılabilecek 5+ fazla silah FPS yükselten seçenekler ile daha akıcı bir oyun keyfi sizi bekliyor! Nadir bulunan bir kıyafetle girilen Özel Bölge'de sizi bekleyen normalden daha güçlü zombiler! İki farklı Mağaza bölgesi! Çukur kazma ve animasyon paneli! -Sunucuya yeni başlamış oyuncular için kodladığımız bu panel sayesinde çadırınız olmasa dahi eşyalarınızı bir yere saklayabilirsiniz! Yönetim Ekibi Owner: JustaRandom [GER] Admin: TechnaHD [GER] Moderator: Veyis [TR] Aktif olarak güncellenen ve daha güzel yenilikler getirilen SilentKill DayZ sunucumuza sizi de bekleriz bu heyecan ve aksiyon dolu sunucuda hayatta kalabilme becerilerini göster!
  8. Balkan DayZ[EUROPE]|ACIVE ADMINS|ISLANDS|fb.com/mtabalkandayz[ENGLISH] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Features: Clothing System English Group System Zombie System VIP System Radar u A51 BASES-FREE BASES FOR 5 TEAM MEMBERS+FULL TENT! NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy,CROATIAKILLER,JVJV Fb Page:http://fb.com/surviveordiedayz Everyone is welcome!!
  9. Olá, estou a efetuar uma criação de servidor no estilo dayz, porém diferente dos demais presentes, preciso urgentemente de ajuda na parte de scripts, preciso de um scripter profissional em Lua urgente, pois temos muitos projetos para avançar e não consigo pelo o facto de ser preciso scripts. Caso alguém esteja interessado em nos ajudar, agradeço imenso. Obs: Todo o trabalho será pago. Deixarei disponível os contactos para quem estiver interessado a participar do nosso projeto. Obrigado. Discord: Mustang#1636 Gribix#3409 Discord
  10. [EUROPE]Balkan DayZ [REOPENED][INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Group System Zombie System International Europe BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: xTz Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. https://backnite.com WHO ARE WE? We are a group of young developers known on the stage of Multi Theft Auto, who wants to throw in a few interesting and innovative plans for the development of our server. WHAT IS BACKNITE? Backnite is an international server based on the Battle Royale mode. This mode is known mainly from games like PUBG, Fortnite or the newest version of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Probably your first question that comes to your mind will be: “Will the game be based only on Battle Royale?” Of course not, because it would be too boring for long-time playing. To prevent this, we added Story Mode. In this mode you must simply do quests and empathize with the story. BACKNITE DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT Login and Register System System of logging and registration was designed to be simple and easy to use, because we want to create server that everyone will find in it easily. At the beginning, you can set your main language that will be supported during the game. All of your data that you leave with us is fully secured thanks to the latest encryption techniques, so nothing can get out of our database. GUI A simple interface can be found not only in the login panel, but in every place of our GUI. Whole concept of lobby design has been inspired by the PUBG and Fortnite. You can find many of similarities, but nothing was cloned 1:1. Friends system Don’t play alone! We create a brilliant friends system, which is a simply way to play with your friends After you add your friend to a friends list, you can see, is he online or in a game. If he is not in a game you can invite him to a lobby and play together against another people. Shop At the start of creating Backnite we won’t to create a another Pay2Win game. The only things you can buy on our server are visual changes It’s just only a skin customization including weapons, parachute skins and everlasting designs. You can find a lot of them in beautiful designs. The also have rarity lecels like most popular, epic and legendary. The don’t give you any bonus or advantage to be better at the game. Cabinet Here you can search and equip your purchased skins. The possibilities of customization are infinite. Each of our weapons may have a different skin, but nothing stands in the way to color all weapons same! Lobby settings In left down corner of your screen you can find lobby settings. There you can change game mode and number of players. After you setup the game lobby you can invite you friends to it and play together reliving amazing adventure. AFTER THE GAME START After the game start in Battle Royale mode, you will be moved to the waiting room and wait for all players to be connected. Current status of the player you can find in upper right corner. Time to start the game is under the map. Game will not start until enough people connect. SERVER SUPPORT PAGE To better know some problem of our players we create a support website, on which you can directly inform us about your ideas, or found bugs or any kind of problems. You can always search our database to find needed solutions, or just simply create a new ticket to find a solution as fast as possible. SERVER STATUS PAGE Can not join the server? Have problem to reach our homepage? Go to status page to check current server status, planned maintenance work, or a latency between you and the server. HELP US TRANSLATE BACKNITE! Want to be part of our server and translate it on our native language? In that case, we need you very much! Backnite is a international serwer, that’s why we need translators to reach more people and countries all around the world! Current status of translation to other languages you can check clicking to this link. WANT TO BE PART OF THE BACKNITE TEAM? To create that big project like Backnite we still searching for new talented people, that can help us. If you are programmer, 3D modeler, graphic designer we are waiting for you! Simpy send us message on Discord and attach to it your portfolio. If you are not good at this things, you can also give us your propositions. At the end of the advertisement. If you reach to this part of our ad, and you read it all, we hope that you are now interested in our project. That’s not all things that we can offer you. We are reading all of your suggestions and we try to implement all of them to create server that will make you happy. If you want to follow our project and enjoy its community you need to arrive on our Discord, Facebook, Twitter and forum. See you in game! Backnite Team. © OUR BEST TEAM @Backer - CEO of the project, Lead LUA Developer @Pumelowsky - 3D Object Creator, Polish Translator @KingMoses - Web Developer, System Administrator @QuoVaids - Map maker, Story mode designer, Polish Translator @DHXtR - Graphic designer Stay tuned with our project, following us on our Social Media! https://backnite.com https://forum.backnite.com
  12. MTA: SA RUST LEGACY é um Mod para Multi Theft Auto de sobrevivência desenvolvido pela equipe eXemple Games. O único objetivo em Rust é sobreviver! Para fazer isso, você precisará superar as lutas como fome, sede e frio. Construa um fogo. Construir um abrigo. Mate animais por carne. Proteja-se dos outros jogadores e mate-os por carne. Crie alianças com outros jogadores e forme uma cidade. Faça o que for preciso para sobreviver. Ligações úteis: mtasa: // 22003 Discórdia oficial do servidor: https://discord.gg/SrQ9Fjg Jogos eXemple: https://discord.gg/SrQ9Fjg Outras imagens
  13. WyeSoft Gaming run multiple game servers for several different games, and have been running the following MTA:Dayz server, as well as a Freeroam server, since 2013. Our servers were formerly known as Fade 2 Black & WyeSoft Game Servers. The Fade 2 Black Clan has since disbanded, apart from a private Facebook group, and our servers were rebranded simply as WyeSoft. They are the only official continuation of the F2B servers, and no other MTA servers are legitimately affiliated with F2B or WyeSoft. Videos | Screenshots 1 | Screenshots 2 Server address: Server name: GTA:SA DayZ Version [UK] | WyeSoft | Interiors | VIP Houses | Levelling/RPG System (Optional) WyeSoft server list: http://servers.wyesoft.com/ Community forums: http://forums.wyesoft.com/ Server features: Small download when connecting, even for the first time (no compulsory added skin/graphic downloads) Many game mode bugs fixed and features improved Enterable interiors containing loot, etc. VIP houses to store loot in More vehicle types (including aircraft) and more vehicle spawns More loot spawns in the outside world More player spawns New items, including bigger backpacks, EMPs to knock out vehicles and tactical insertions that set the location of your next respawn Lots more player skins available (built-in skins rather than added skins), including a zombie disguise that makes you invisible to zombies Optional level progression / RPG system with spawn item unlocks Shop point currency system - can be traded with other players or spent in the item shop Automated events with shop point and item rewards - war zones, zombie invasions and demolition derbies Demolition derby stadium that can be used at any time, even when there is no event running YouTube cinema theatre that appears on certain nights during the week Optional replacement zombie skins and zombie groan sounds (can be turned on and downloaded after logging in) Ability to take parts from vehicles Ability to glue to vehicles Mini-games - Video Poker, Tetris and Copter, plus several browser-based games Stunt and drift displays Lots of recorded player stats and leaderboards (with daily shop point rewards) for various features Achievement system Unlockable player titles Global chat with separate channels for English and non-English speakers (non-English channel can be hidden) Added anti-cheat system that detects many game mode-specific cheats Friendly and helpful admins Sarcastic chat bot, "Clarice" - answers frequently asked questions and provides occasional entertainment Lots of elaborate secret features and areas
  14. ZNEXT: ZOMBIE RPG ¡Hola a todos y bienvenidos a un nuevo post de ZNEXT: ZOMBIE RPG! En este post nuestro propósito es demostrar por qué ZNEXT es uno de los mejores servers. Para empezar echemos un vistazo a las mejores características del servidor: ZOMBIES (Su propio gamemode). Diferentes tipos de zombies: Warrior, Necrófago, Amored, Motosierra, Corredor, etc. 2 BOSSES ZOMBIE: BIO-CORRUPTOR y BIO-MECANOIDE. Sistema de combos. Puedes combar las muertes de los zombies y conseguir mayores recompensas. BANDIDOS Zonas de bandidos que conquistar. (Puedes ganar XP y dinero) Diferentes tipos de bandidos: Recluta, Francotirador, Gladiador, Centinela, etc. 3 BOSSES BANDIDOS: Rey Chatarra, Rey de los Bandidos y ELITE. TRABAJOS Varios trabajos: Mecánico, constructor, médico, etc. PVP (GUERRA DE CLANES) Sistema de clanes. Bases de clanes. (Todo el mundo puede obtener una si cumple con algunos requisitos.) Sistema de reputación. (Podrás conseguir dinero y XP matando y conquistando zonas de otros jugadores en PvP.) Sistema de LIGAS: Bronce, Plata, Oro, Diamante, Challenger y Master. SISTEMA DE VEHÍCULOS Compra y vende casi todos los vehículos de GTA SAN ANDREAS. Area de tunning. (Tunea tus vehículos y házlos únicos.) Vehiculos especiales: Tanque, Hunter, Hydra, etc. MISIONES Consigue dinero y XP cumpliendo todo tipo de misiones. AMBIENTACIÓN Sonido y musica ambiente. (Nuevos sonidos para armas, zombies, etc.) Nuevas texturas. Skins y armas realistas. SISTEMA DE CORES Cores de poder que propocionan poderes increíbles: Regeneración de vida y armadura, doble XP, etc. SISTEMA DE MEJORAS DEL JUGADOR Mejora tu personaje: Incrementa tu vida máxima y mejora las habilidades con armas de tu personaje. CAJAS DE LOOT Mata zombies y consigue cajas. (Las cajas de loot contienen recompensas únicas, máscaras, bailes, armas MUY especiales, estilos de lucha.) SISTEMA VIP Ayúdanos a mantener y mejorar el servidor con una donación y obtén privilegios exclusivos. Aquí algunos de los privilegios: Acceso exclusivo a skins personalizadas, skins de vehículos personalizadas, mira láser, tag exclusivo ¡y muchas cosas más! Y como que una imagen vale más que mil palabras, aquí unas imágenes de cómo realmente luce ZNEXT: BASES DE BANDIDOS: TORRE DE BANDIDOS PARA CONQUISTAR: MAPEO: (BASE) BASE EJEMPLO: (MARCADORES) BASE DE CLAN: (Raccoon City PD base actual): BASES DE BANDIDOS: AMBIENTACIÓN: Como puedes ver, tanto PvP como PvE, ZNEXT es un lugar genial para pasarlo bien con tus amigos ¿A qué esperas? ZNEXT está esperando a que te conectes y lo pases genial con nuestras ideas. IP: mtasa:// Muchas gracias por ver y leer este post, esperamos que te haya gustado, si es así, no olvides compartirlo, nos ayudará a continuar mejorando y trabajando en una mejor expeciencia, se agradece infinitamente.
  15. [EUROPE]The Walking Dead DayZ[INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Base Buy Location is in BlueBery Green Zone!! In Game Buy Base With Wood Pile!! Small Base: 10 Wood Pile,Car Limit 5! Average Base: 25 Wood Pile,Car Limit 10! Large Base: 35 Wood Pile,Car Limit 20! Group System Zombie System Helmet and armor protection International Europe BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. [EUROPE]The Walking Dead DayZ[INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: English Group System Zombie System Helmet and armor protection International BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: BlueBoy Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  17. Нужен скриптер для survival сервера, не dayz.На начальном этапе требуется реализовать: - Инвентарь, с возможностью как дропнуть на землю, возможность продавать NPC и игрокам. - Система квестов. (+ exp за каждое выполненное задание при достижении 100 exp + lvl) - Система точек лута - Система радиации: Как только выйдешь из бункера на улицу то + радиация, нужен противогаз (покупка у NPC или у игрока либо получение по квесту ) - Группировки каждый игрок может создать свою группировку по достижению определенного уровня Контакты: https://vk.com/dk252
  18. Hi So i was playing DayZ server where you could actually build your base(doors,walls,plate..more kind of this materials). So i am trying to find it again or any type of that type of DayZ server where you can build your own base,as i am actually getting annoyed with all that buying base thing and really like option to build your own base where ever you want and how you want it. If anyone know of such this server,please reply Ty
  19. Zombie Hell Party Ready for war ? so different from all the servers you know so far, Best ExpSystem , level system , Bosses , zombies , special vehicles, Official Factions, VIP system , Area51 , survival ,rank system and more ! How to spawn boss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McbdRl9lgho&feature=youtu.be Join Now....! Forum:ForumServer IP:IP : mtasa:// pages: https://www.facebook.com/ZombieHellPartyhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/421874497886329Discord instant invite:Discord Invite Link please reply to me if you have any questions !
  20. Dystopia: The Incident este un proiect survival RPG original si 100% romanesc pe care nu ar trebui sa il ratezi! Alpha server: mtasa:// Discord: https://discord.gg/Zs5bWSX Versiunea curenta: 0.73, detaliile aici (in engleza) CE TREBUIE SA STII: Dystopia: The Incident e mai mult decat un gamemode MTA standard de survival. Ti-a placut DayZ? Uita tot ce ai invatat acolo! Dystopia este o lume complet diferita, in care te asteapta aventuri cum nu ai mai intalnit inca in MTA. Mancarea si apa sunt greu de gasit si trebuie sa stai in miscare ca sa ramai in viata. Capacitatea inventarului e limitata, fortandu-te sa prioritizezi. Vehiculele au nevoie de intretinere permanenta pentru a ramane in stare de functionare. O sa gasesti tabere ale factiunilor, baze si alte zone populate la fiecare pas. Jocul stimuleaza si rasplateste explorarea, nu 'stocarea' de itemuri. Lumea e dens populata si daca nu iti alegi cu atentie dusmanii viata ta va deveni foarte repede dificila. Mediul este aspru si ii pedepseste pe cei slabi si pe cei prosti. Gameplay-ul are un scop final: evadarea din San Andreas-ul aflat in carantina si guvernat de legea martiala. Harta e potrivita pentru roleplay si acesta e incurajat, insa nu este obligatoriu. Gamemode-ul a fost din start gandit pentru a fi accesibil si ca o experienta single-player, dar bineinteles ca nimic nu se compara cu distractia in multiplayer, Co-op sau PVP. CE POTI FACE IN JOC: Exploreaza o harta post-apocaliptica detaliata, plina cu intalniri neprevazute. Peste 2000 de NPC-uri: aliati, inamici, zombie si animale care asteapta sa le vanezi. Cinci factiuni carora te poti alatura si sistem de spawn dinamic. Un inventar detaliat, cu peste 100 de itemuri care asteapta sa fie gasite si folosite. Asigura-ti nevoile primare ca foamea si setea, conserva-ti stamina, evita infectia zombie (in doua stadii), socul, hemoragia, radiatiile, epuizarea si fracturile. Mecanica de loot este inovatoare pentru MTA - gasesti loot-ul spargand cutiile si lazile ramase intacte dupa apocalipsa. Sistem complet nou de damage si reparatii pentru vehicule. Trei tipuri de zombie, cu comportament si caracteristici diferite. Aduna materiale de constructie si ingrediente si foloseste-le pentru crafting sau cooking. Descopera franturi din poveste prin dialogurile personajelor si explorand harta. Experimenteaza umor negru si cateva elemente mai 'dure' de gameplay (de exemplu, canibalismul e o optiune deschisa pentru cei flamanzi). MEDIA: Screenshots: Un videoclip realizat de unul din jucatorii nostri, in care puteti vedea multe elemente de gameplay: Vrei sa afli mai multe? Aici gasesti postarea originala, cu mult mai multe detalii (in engleza). De retinut: serverul este international, si limba oficiala e engleza, atat pe Discord cat si in joc; desi GTA: San Andreas este un joc oldschool, ca sa joci Dystopia la rezolutie buna cu fps decent o sa ai nevoie de un computer modern; gamemode-ul este inca in alpha, versiunea e 0.73; te poti astepta la bug-uri si glitch-uri; apasa F1 in joc pentru un splash-screen cu toate informatiile esentiale; crezi ca ai rabdare sa citesti manualul complet de instructiuni? atunci apasa F9 ; development-ul este activ; comunitatea raporteaza bug-uri si ofera sugestii in timp real pe Discord. Atat deocamdata - mi-ar placea sa vad cat mai multi romani jucand Dystopia, asa ca... ne vedem pe server!
  21. Entra a Dystopia: The Incident, un servidor post-apocaliptico de zombies y accion-RPG original, unico en MTA! Test server: mtasa:// Join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/Zs5bWSX Current version: 0.75, check out details here QUE ES? Esto no es un servidor survival estandar de MTA sino uno completamente desarrollado, lleno de encuentros interesantes, la comida es escasa y tienes que moverte para sobrevivir. El tamaño del inventario es limitado, forzandote a priorizar elementos. Los vehiculos requieren un mantenimiento constante. Hay facciones con campamentos y bases dispersados por toda San Andreas. Explorar es recompenzado. El mundo esta densamente habitado y a quien elijes matar importa. El ambiente es duro y castiga a los debiles y tontos. Hay decisiones morales que hacer. Diseñado para poder disfrutarlo como un jugador CARACTERISTICAS Explora un detallado mapa post-apocaliptico. Mas de 2000 NPCs, amigos y enemigos. Sistema de facciones y punto de aparicion dinamicos. Un inventario detallado con mas de 100 objetos para ser encontrados y usados. Necesidades basicas, cansancio, infeccion, otros modificadores varios como dolor, sangrado, etc. Mecanica de Loot. Sistema de dañar/reparar vehiculos. Tres tipos de zombies, con distinto comportamiento. Explora el mundo en busca de materiales, sistema sensillo para fabricar objetos y cocinar. Escapa del caos de San Andreas y gana el juego consiguiendo un vehiculo de escape adecuado. Maneja a traves del desastre en vehiculos viejos y oxidados. Descubre destellos de la historia hablando con los NPCs. Contiene humor negro y temas fuertes: lo califico como +16. Todo esta envuelto en una interfaz y estilo grafico consistente. MEDIA Más de 100 capturas de pantalla de desarrollo aquí Publicación original del foro con más detalles (en inglés)
  22. [EUROPE][Pro Chile] DayZ StandAlone[INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Clothing System On Login Panel English GPS System with code Group System Zombie System Helmet and armor protection International BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Airdrops 60+ Weapons Staffs: Admin: Exodus Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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