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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there! Our next release is nearly done. However, to ensure that it meets our high quality standards, we would like to ask you guys to thoroughly test it before we release it. This release brings an important change to our release distribution system. Starting today, there will be two builds available for you to download: normal build - only works on Windows 7 and above legacy build - only works on Windows XP and Windows Vista A normal build is basically what we offered with our previous releases, with an exception that it now requires Windows 7 or above to run. The new thing is an legacy build, which only works on Windows XP and Windows Vista. This build uses the last CEF components version that works on XP/Vista, which is now outdated and insecure. To ensure that we will not leave some of our players in the dark, while keeping the rest of them secure, we decided to split the release into two builds. One which uses older CEF components and works on XP/Vista (legacy build), and the other one which has up-to-date CEF but only works on Windows 7 and above (normal build). We have elaborated more on this in a separate post which you can find here. MTA:SA 1.5.3 has a lot of other smaller bug fixes, tweaks and new features included and is a result of another change to our build system, which simplified the development and building process to us. This has also allowed us to back-port many of the smaller changes originally planned for the 1.6 release to 1.5.3. These changes should be compatible with the 1.5 series, but they still need to be tested to ensure that this is indeed the case. And this is where you guys come in. To help us testing the version, simply download the Release Candidate from links below, install it and play as you normally would. If you play on XP or Vista, download the legacy build, otherwise grab the normal one. This version is meant to be fully compatible with MTA:SA 1.5.2 or below, so just join your favourite server and give it a go. If you encounter a problem or spot a bug, you can report them to our bugtracker. Please use the search feature first to see if your problem was not already reported though... Updated Windows/Linux server packages are also available, and similarly, they are also compatible with 1.5.2 clients, so please test whether your servers work fine on 1.5.3 too. Click here to download MTA:SA 1.5.3 RC Normal Build (for Windows 7 and above) Click here to download MTA:SA 1.5.3 RC Legacy Build (Windows XP and Vista only) MTA:SA 1.5.3 RC Linux Server download page You can find the current list of changes for this version here. A summary of changes and credits list will be provided with the final release announcement post. Thank you for helping us make MTA great again awesome. --MTA Team
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